Friends of Morrison-Talbott Library
The Friends of the MTL is a non-profit organization of people like you who use the library and appreciate its value to the community. The purpose of the Friends group is to assist in Adult and Children's programs, provide funds for materials and equipment, and to help focus attention on available library services. The Group tradtionally meets once per quarter and volunteers throughout the year at various fund raising and program events.

However, the Friends are currently not meeting, but we are looking for individuals interested in becoming officers. If you are interested in getting information about becoming an officer in the Friends of MTL, contact us at

Thank you for your consideration!

Join the Friends of MTL
We are currently looking for individuals interested in becoming an officer of the Friends of MTL. Unfortunately, we don't feel that we should accept any new members until we have completed filling the open officer positions.

However, if you would like to be contacted about becoming a member of the Friends once the officer positions have been filled, please feel free to contact us at

Friends Events
The Friends of MTL are not currently holding any events at this time.
Typical events in the past have been:

  • Book Sale
    The Taste of Literature
    Yard Sale
    Murder Mystery Night

  • Search the Card Catalog