Great American Read
PBS' The Great American Read is heating up the summer with titles to read. Their list of books was generated by a national survey. Their goal was to get the country talking about books and encouraging them to read a few more.

There is also a chance to vote daily for the book you would like to see chosen as the all-time favorite novel. You can vote daily for your favorite novel.

Go to, click on vote and choose your favorite book.

You can also vote by selecting the hashtag below a book from the website and posting the hashtag on Facebook or tweeting it on Twitter.

The first thing people do when they peruse the list of books is mentally check off the ones they have read (if you do PBS' quiz on-line you can physically check it off). Next they see what they want to read before the daily voting ends in October. Are you in the mood to discuss what you have read?

Morrison-Talbott Library will host three discussion sessions concerning the Great American Read. Each session will be held on a Friday afternoon from 1-3 p.m. Open discussion on any of the books will be had with an added focus.

August 17 author websites will be highlighted in the discussion. If you have an author who has a great website, come and share what you like about it.

September 21 the discussion will be centered on books that have been made into movies. Movies do not always give you everything in the book, but they will cover the main characters.

October 19 is the day after the votes have been tallied and one title will have been declared the favorite novel of American readers. Come and share your joy or woe over the book that was chosen.
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