New Materials April 2018
F Abraham Abrahamson, Emmy How to fall in love with a man who lives in a bush
F Aciman Aciman, André Call me by your name
F Berry Berry, Steve The bishop's pawn
F Blackst Bk. 3 [If I Run] Blackstock, Terri. If I live
F Bohjali Bohjalian, Chris The flight attendant
F Box Bk. 18 [Pickett] Box, C. J. The disappeared
F Bradbur Bradbury, Jamey The wild inside
F Briggs Bk. 5 [Alpha] Briggs, Patricia Burn bright
F Callana Callanan, Liam Paris by the book
F Cussler Cussler, Clive The rising sea from the NUMA® files
F De los De los Santos, Marisa I'll be your blue sky
F Deverau Bk. 3 [Summer] Deveraux, Jude As you wish
F Dornbus Dornbush, Jennifer God bless the broken road
F Feehan Bk. 14 [GhostWalkers] Feehan, Christine Covert game
F Feeney Feeney, Alice Sometimes I lie
F Frazier Frazier, Charles Varina
F Frost Frost, Keziah The reluctant fortune-teller
F Gear Gear, W. Michael This scorched earth
F Genova Genova, Lisa Every note played
F Graham Bk.3 [New York] Graham, Heather A dangerous game
F Gunn Bk. 3 [Baby Years] Gunn, Robin Jones Sunset lullaby
F Harmel Harmel, Kristin The room on Rue Amelie
F Harvey Harvey, Michael T. The Chicago way
F Heal Bk. 1 [Love] Heal, Deborah Holding on : an inspirational romance
F Hepwort Hepworth, Sally The family next door
F Hooper Bk 6 [Bishop] Hooper, Kay Hold back the dark
F Howard Howard, Linda The woman left behind
F Jagears Jagears, Melissa A chance at forever
F Lewis Lewis, Beverly The road home
F Lynch Lynch, Christina The Italian party
F Mangan Mangan, Christine Tangerine
F Margoli Margolin, Phillip The third victim
F Martin Martin, Kimmery The queen of hearts
F Mason Mason, Susan Anne A most noble heir
F Michael Michaels, Fern Sweet vengeance
F Michael Michaels, Fern Truth or dare
F Monroe Bk. 1 [Neighbors] Monroe, Mary One house over
F Neggers Bk. 8 [Maisie] Neggers, Carla The river house
F Rotella Rotella, Sebastian Rip crew
F Rouda Rouda, Kaira Best day ever
F Scott Scott, J. Todd High white sun
F Sparks Sparks, Nicholas Two by two
F Steel Steel, Danielle Accidental heroes
F Stewart Stewart, Leah What you don't know about Charlie Outlaw
F Thayer Thayer, Nancy A Nantucket wedding
F Urrea Urrea, Luis Alberto The house of broken angels
F Windo Windo, Nick Clark The feed
F Yates Yates, Christopher J. Grist Mill Road
Large Print
LP F Bergren Bk. 1 [Sugar] Bergren, Lisa Tawn Keturah
LP F Brunste Bk. 3 [Amish Cooking] Brunstetter, Wanda E. The celebration
LP F Green Green, Jocelyn A refuge assured
LP F McClure McClure, Marcia Lynn The whispered kiss
LP F Metz Metz, Melinda Talk to the paw
LP F Sala Sala, Sharon Life of lies
LP F Todd Todd, Terrie Bleak Landing
LP MYS Ashley Ashley, Jennifer Death below stairs
LP MYS Camille Bk. 22 [Inspector] Camilleri, Andrea The pyramid of mud
LP MYS Graves Bk. 1 [Death] Death by chocolate cherry cheesecake
LP MYS Mills Bk. 3 [FBI Task Force] Mills, DiAnn High treason
LP MYS Jonasso Nightblind
WES LP L'Amour L'Amour, Louis, 1908-1988 Riders of the dawn : a western duo
WES LP Richard Bk. 2 [O'Malley's] Richards, Dusty Dead aim
MYS Albert Albert, Susan Wittig Queen Anne's lace
MYS Albert Bk. 7 [Darling Dahlias] Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the unlucky clover
MYS Cameron Bk. 5 [Alex Duggins] Cameron, Stella Whisper the dead
MYS Chapman Chapman, Julia Date with malice
MYS Childs Bk. 19 [Tea Shop] Childs, Laura Plum tea crazy
MYS Clark Clark, Mary Higgins I've got my eyes on you
MYS George George, Elizabeth The punishment she deserves
MYS Grimes Grimes, Martha The knowledge
MYS Harper Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth) Force of nature
MYS Kepler Kepler, Lars The sandman : a Joona Linna novel
MYS Patters Patterson, James Red alert
MYS Pronzin Bk. 6 [Carpenter] Pronzini, Bill The bags of tricks affair
MYS White White, Randy Wayne Caribbean rim
MYS Winspea Bk. 14 [Maisie] Winspear, Jacqueline To die but once
LP MYS Ashley Ashley, Jennifer Death below stairs
LP MYS Camille Bk. 22 [Inspector] Camilleri, Andrea The pyramid of mud
LP MYS Graves Bk. 1 [Death] Death by chocolate cherry cheesecake
LP MYS Mills Bk. 3 [FBI Task Force] Mills, DiAnn High treason
LP MYS Jonasso Nightblind
PB Olivera Oliveras, Priscilla Her perfect affair
WES LP L'Amour L'Amour, Louis, 1908-1988 Riders of the dawn : a western duo
WES LP Richard Bk. 2 [O'Malley's] Richards, Dusty Dead aim
150 Seligma Seligman, Martin E. P. The hope circuit : a psychologist's journey from helplessness to optimism
158.1 Hollis Hollis, Rachel (Event planner) Girl, wash your face : stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be
372.9 Our Our Mississippi : educational activities about the upper Mississippi River, grades 5-6
616.8522 Ortner Ortner, Nick The tapping solution for parents, children & teenagers : how to let go of excessive stress, anxiety and worry, and raise happy, healthy, resilient families
629.45 Kurson Kurson, Robert Rocket men : the daring odyssey of Apollo 8 and the astronauts who made man's first journey to the Moon
641.587 Good Good Housekeeping Instant Pot Cookbook : 60 Delicious Foolproof Recipes
736.4 Nava Nava, Josh How to whittle : 25 beautiful projects to hand carve
921 Eberly Merl Tackett, Michael The Baseball Whisperer : a small-town coach who shaped Big League dreams
921 Westover Tara Westover, Tara Educated : a memoir
973.933 Johnsto Johnston, David Cay It's even worse than you think : what the Trump administration is doing to America
973.924 Bernste Bernstein, Carl, 1944- All the President's men
973.924 Woodwar Woodward, Bob The final days
Graphic Novels
Graphic Transfo/G.I.Joe [First] Champions Transformers/G.I. Joe :. Champions first strike.
Graphic Barber Optimus Prime V. 2 Barber, John Transformers. Volume 2 : Optimus Prime.
Graphic Transfo [Lost] v.2 Robert, James Transformers. Volume 2, Lost light
Graphic Transfo/G.I. Joe [First] Scott, Mairghread Transformers/G.I. Joe : first strike
REF GEN 929.2 Davis Davis, Clyde, 1938- Finding fathers : Lost. Found. Remembered : a family history
REF GEN 773.91.5 Vaseska Vaseska, Pat, compiler. St. Patrick's Church, Tipton, Illinois, death register, 1933 to 1956
REF GEN 773.91.2 Vaseska Vaseska, Pat, compiler. St. Patricks combined parish records, Tipton, Illinois, 1856-1945
REF IL 977.3 Tucker Tucker, Sara Jones, comp. Indian villages of the Illinois country
Young Adult
YA Brunner Brunner, Kym Flip the bird
YA Carter Carter, Ally Not if I save you first
YA Choi Choi, Mary H. K. Emergency contact
YA Christo Christo, Alexandra To kill a kingdom
YA Forman Forman, Gayle I have lost my way
YA Halpern Halpern, Jake Edgeland
YA King King, Tiffany Losing Leah
YA Langdon Langdon, Lorie Olivia Twist
YA Locke Bk. 2 [Recruits] Renegades
YA Madison Losing Brave
YA McCullo McCullough, Joy Blood water paint
YA Monir Monir, Alexandra The final six
YA Polonsk Polonsky, Ami. Gracefully Grayson
YA Verdi Verdi, Jessica And she was
YA Wilkins Bk. 1 [Daughters] Wilkins, Kim Daughters of the storm
YA Yolen Yolen, Jane Mapping the bones
Juvenile Fiction
JF Chokshi Bk. 1 [Pandava] Chokshi, Roshani Aru Shah and the end of time
JF Emerson Emerson, Marcus The super life of Ben Braver
JF Gemeinh Gemeinhart, Dan Good dog
JF Harkey Harkey, Faith Sneak thief
JF Johnson Johnson, Varian The Parker inheritance
JF Kadohat Kadohata, Cynthia. The thing about luck
JF Katschk Bk. 3 [Magic] Katschke, Judy Carlos gets the sneezes
JF Keene Bk. 7 [Clue Book] Keene, Carolyn Candy Kingdom chaos
JF Keene Bk. 9 [Clue Book] Keene, Carolyn Springtime crime
JF Keene Bk. 8 [Clue Book] Keene, Carolyn World record mystery
JF Kelly Bk. 1 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. The Fenway foul-up
JF Kelly Bk. 2 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. The pinstripe ghost
JF Kessler Bk. 7 [Windsnap] Kessler, Liz Emily Windsnap and the falls of the forgotten island
JF Mackall Mackall, Dandi Daley Just sayin'
JF McDonal Bk. 10 [Judy] McDonald, Megan Not-So-Lucky Lefty
JF McDonal McDonald, Megan Stink : Hamlet and cheese
JF Paquett Paquette, Ammi-Joan The train of lost things
JF Peirce Peirce, Lincoln Silent but deadly
JF Scleszk Bk. 6 (Frank Einstein] Scieszka, Jon Frank Einstein and the space-time zipper
JF Shurtli Shurtliff, Liesl Red : the true story of Red Riding Hood
JF Sutherl Sutherland, Kari A wrinkle in time : a guide to the universe
JF Warner #147 Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979 Robot Ransom
JF Warner #146 Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979 The doughnut whodunit
JF [GRN] Brockin Bk. 2 [CatStronauts] Brockington, Drew, author, artist. CatStronauts : race to Mars
JF [GRN] Brockin Bk. 3 [CatStronauts] Brockington, Drew, author, artist. CatStronauts : space station situation
JF [GRN] Brockin Bk. 1 [CatStronauts] Brockington, Drew CatStronauts : Mission Moon
Juvenile Non-Fiction
J 507.8 Galat Solve this! : wild and wacky challenges for the genius engineer in you
J 599.789 Richmon Richmond, Ben Baby panda chews bamboo
J 629.29 Motum Motum, Markus Curiosity : the story of a Mars rover
J 629.45 Anderso Anderson, Clayton C. A is for astronaut : blasting through the alphabet
J 636.7 Leonard Leonard, Dion Finding Gobi : the true story of one little dog's big journey
J 636.8 MacLeod MacLeod, Elizabeth Super cats : true stories of felines that made history
J 641.59 Stewart Stewart, Whitney What's on your plate? : exploring the world of food
J 782 Neri Neri, Greg When Paul met Artie : the story of Simon & Garfunkel
J 810.8 Creativ The creativity project : no rules, anything goes, awesometastic storybuilding
J 811 Ruddell Ruddell, Deborah The popcorn astronauts : and other biteable rhymes
J 811 Silvers Silverstein, Shel Where the sidewalk ends : the poems & drawings of Shel Silverstein.
J 811 World World make way : new poems inspired by art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art
J 921 Tharp Marie Burleigh, Robert Solving the puzzle under the sea : Marie Tharp maps the ocean floor
J 940.54 Bruchac Chester Nez and the unbreakable code : a Navajo code talker's story
J 973.7 Walker Walker, Sally M. Sinking the Sultana : a civil war story of imprisonment, greed, and a doomed journey home
Easy Reading, Levels 1-3, and Boardbooks
E Barrett Barrett, Judi Lots more animals should definitely not wear clothing
E Bell Bell, Davina Captain Starfish
Easter E Bergren Bergren, Lisa Tawn. God gave us Easter
E Bergren Bergren, Lisa Tawn. God gave us heaven
E Bunting I'm a duck
E Busch Busch, Miriam Raisin, the littlest cow
E Cooper Cooper, Ilene. The golden rule
E Dahl Dahl, Michael Goodnight soccer
E DePaola In a small kingdom
E Diaz Islandborn
E Durango Go-go gorillas
E Fleming Fleming, Denise This is the nest that Robin built : with a little help from her friends
E Grant Cat knit
E Ikegami Ikegami, Aiko Seed man
E Lopez Just right family : an adoption story
E Morris Morris, Jackie Mrs Noah's pockets
E Parente Parenteau, Shirley Bears and blossoms
E Previn Previn, Stacey Aberdeen
E Ruiz Ruiz, Rachel When Penny met POTUS
E Russo Russo, Brian Yoga bunny
E Schaub Schaub, Michelle Fresh-picked poetry : a day at the farmers' market
E Schneid Schneider, Josh Everybody sleeps (but not Fred)
E Tyler Tyler, Michael. The skin you live in
E Van Steen Van Steenwyk, Elizabeth Blacksmith's song
E Ward Ward, Jennifer Feathers and hair : what animals wear
RL 2 E Wells Wells, Rosemary Max's half birthday
RL 2 E Dewdney Dewdney, Anna Llama Llama loses a tooth
RL 2 E Lewman Lewman, David Trolls the sound of spring
RL 4 E Rylant #8 Rylant, Cynthia The bear
BoardBook E Burton Burton, P. Jeffrey The Itsy Bitsy Bunny
BoardBook E Collins Collins, Ross There's a bear on my chair
BoardBook E Diesen Diesen, Deborah Happy Easter, pout-pout fish
BoardBook E Roth Roth, Megan Make a splash
BoardBook E Schertl Schertle, Alice Little Blue Truck's springtime
BoardBook E Schwarz Schwarz, Viviane Counting with Tiny Cat
BoardBook E Spiro Spiro, Ruth Baby loves thermodynamics!
BoardBook E Spurr Spurr, Elizabeth In the rain
Audio and Playaways
AUD CD Beaton 5_CDs Beaton, M. C. Death of an honest man
AUD CD Hart 12_CDs Hart, John The hush
AUD CD Kleypas 8_CDs Kleypas, Lisa Hello stranger
AUD CD Lippman 8_CDs Lippman, Laura Sunburn
AUD CD Margoli 7_CDs Margolin, Phillip The third victim
Playaway Kleypas Kleypas, Lisa Hello stranger
Blu-Rays, DVDs, Binge Boxes, and CDs
DVD Bad A bad moms Christmas
DVD Daddy's 2_DVDs Daddy's home 2-movie collection
DVD Fargo Season 1 4_DVDs Fargo. The complete first season
DVD Just Just getting started
DVD Scorpion Season 2 6_DVDs Scorpion. Season two
DVD This Season 1 5_DVDs This is us. The complete first season
DVD Touching Touching home
DVD Wonder Wonder
Blu-Ray Bad A bad moms Christmas
Blu-Ray Wonder Wonder
DVD J Stray The stray
DVD J Star The star : [a tale of faith and friendship]
DVD J Shimmer Shimmer and shine. Beyond the rainbow falls.
DVD J PJ PJ Masks. Cracking the case
DVD J Eight 2_DVDs 8 animated feature films
DVD J Coco Coco
DVD J Batman Season1 Part 2 2_DVDs Batman. The brave and the bold, Season one, part two
DVD J Barbie Barbie. The Island Princess.
Blu-Ray J Stray The stray
Blu-Ray J Star The star : [a tale of faith and friendship]
Blu-Ray J My My little pony the movie
Blu-Ray J Coco 2_discs Coco
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