New Materials September 2017
F Amish Amish An Amish market : four novellas
F Anderso Anderson, Catherine The Christmas room
F Baldacc Bk. 5 [Will Robie] Baldacci, David End game
F Berg Berg, Elizabeth The story of Arthur Truluv
F Bradfor Bradford, Barbara Taylor Secrets of Cavendon
F Cantrel Cantrell, Julie Perennials
F Chamber Chamberlin, Holly The season of us
F Child Child, Lee The midnight line
F Coonts Coonts, Stephen The armageddon file
F Cussler Cussler, Clive Trojan odyssey
F Dailey Bk. 2 [New Americana] Dailey, Janet Refuge Cove
F Dolan Dolan, Harry The man in the crooked hat
F Erdrich Erdrich, Louise Future home of the living god
F Gaynor Gaynor, Hazel Last Christmas in Paris of World War I
F Gear Bk. 3 [Morning] Gear, W. Michael Moon hunt
F Graham Graham, Heather American drifter
F Grant Grant, Mira Into the drowning deep
F Greaney Greaney, Mark Back blast
F Hay Hay, Ashley A hundred small lessons
F Hayes Hayes-McCoy, Felicity The library at the edge of the world
F Ide Bk. 2 [IQ] Ide, Joe Righteous : an IQ novel
F Keener Keener, Jessica B. Strangers in Budapest
F Koontz Bk. 2 [Jane Hawk] Koontz, Dean R. The whispering room
F Milne Milne, Kevin Alan The paper bag Christmas
F Niederh Niederhoffer, Galt Poison
F Poyer Poyer, David Hunter killer : the war with China--the battle for the Central Pacific
F Richard Richardson, Kim M. The sisters of Glass Ferry
F Roberts Bk. 1 [Chronicles] Roberts, Nora Year one
F Saunder Saunders, George Lincoln in the bardo
F Steel Steel, Danielle Past perfect
F Swan Swan, Karen The Paris secret
F Sweeney Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix The nest
F Thomas Thomas, Sarah Loudin The sound of rain
F Turano Bk. 3 [Apart] Turano, Jen Out of the ordinary
F Weiss Weiss, Leah If the creek don't rise
Large Print
LP MYS Haines Haines, Carolyn Sticks and bones
LP MYS Hannon Bk. 1 [Code] Hannon, Irene Dangerous illusions
LP MYS Hart Bk. 4 [Ash McKenna] Hart, Rob The woman from Prague
LP MYS Maine Maine, Sarah Beyond the wild river
LP MYS Pettrey Bk. 3 [Chesapeake] Pettrey, Dani Blind spot
LP MYS Thompso Bk. 20 [Gaslight] Thompson, Victoria Murder in the Bowery
WES LP Brand Brand, Max Daring Duval
WES LP Richard Richards, Dusty The O'Malleys of Texas
MYS Bowen Bowen, Rhys The ghost of Christmas past
MYS Evanovi Evanovich, Janet Hardcore twenty-four
MYS Lehane Bk. 2 [42nd Street] Lehane, Cornelius Murder in the manuscript room : a 42nd Street Library mystery
MYS Lemaitr Lemaì‚tre, Pierre Three days and a life
MYS McDermi McDermid, Val Insidious intent
MYS McKinla Bk. 8 [Library] McKinlay, Jenn Death in the stacks
MYS Patters Patterson, James Alex Cross's trial
MYS Patters Bk. 18 [Alex Cross] Patterson, James Kill Alex Cross
MYS Patters Patterson, James Count to ten
MYS Patters Bk. 25 [Alex Cross] Patterson, James The people vs. Alex Cross
MYS Schofie Schofield, Douglas Killing pace
LP MYS Haines Haines, Carolyn Sticks and bones
LP MYS Hannon Bk. 1 [Code] Hannon, Irene Dangerous illusions
LP MYS Hart Bk. 4 [Ash McKenna] Hart, Rob The woman from Prague
LP MYS Maine Maine, Sarah Beyond the wild river
LP MYS Pettrey Bk. 3 [Chesapeake] Pettrey, Dani Blind spot
LP MYS Thompso Bk. 20 [Gaslight] Thompson, Victoria Murder in the Bowery
Science Fiction
SF Weir Weir, Andy Artemis
WES LP Brand Brand, Max Daring Duval
WES LP Richard Richards, Dusty The O'Malleys of Texas
031 Guinness 2018 Guinness world records 2018.
031.02 Ripley #14 2017 Tibballs, Geoff Ripley's believe it or not! : shatter your senses!
232.9 Hamilto Hamilton, Adam Faithful : Christmas through the eyes of Joseph
641.5631 Complete Complete Complete month of meals collection : hundreds of diabetes-friendly recipes and nearly limitless meal combinations
641.569 Nutriti Nutritious Nutritious delicious : turbocharge your favorite recipes with 50 everyday superfoods
658.3 Carlson Carlson, Gretchen Be fierce : stop harassment and take your power back
650.1 Gaines Gaines, Chip Capital Gaines : smart things I learned doing stupid stuff
731.4 Henn Henn, John. Introduction to painting : a step by step guide
823 Standif Standiford, Les The man who invented Christmas : how Charles Dickens's A Christmas carol rescued his career and revived our holiday spirits
977.866 Hansman Hansman, Bob Pruitt-Igoe
977.866 Sonderm Sonderman, Joe. Route 66 in St. Louis
PB Anderso Anderson, Catherine Bright eyes
PB Macombe Macomber, Debbie Alaska home
PB Macombe Macomber, Debbie Last one home
Graphic Novels
Graphic Transfo [Lost] v.1 Roberts, James Transformers. Lost light. Volume 1
Graphic Doctor Doorway v. 25 Wright, Mark Doorway to Hell
Young Adult
YA Fawcett Fawcett, Heather Even the darkest stars
YA Herman Bk. 1 [Blood] Herman, Eleanor Legacy of kings
YA Lu Lu, Marie Warcross
YA Oakes Bk. 3 [Queens] Oakes, Colleen War of the cards
YA Silvera Silvera, Adam They both die at the end
Juvenile Fiction
JF Bell Bk. 1 Uncommoners Bell, Jennifer The crooked sixpence
JF Flanaga Bk. 7 [Brotherband] Flanagan, John A. The caldera
JF Horowit# 9 Horowitz, Anthony Scorpia rising
JF Hughes Hughes, Shirley Whistling in the dark
JF Kline Kline, Suzy Horrible Harry and the field day revenge
JF Robinso Robinson, Craig Jake the fake keeps it real
Juvenile Non-Fiction
J 398.2 Yolen Yolen, Jane Once there was a story : tales from around the world, perfect for sharing
J 612 Bennett Bennett, Howard J. The fantastic body : what makes you tick & how you get sick
J 921 Kelly Scott Kelly, Scott My journey to the stars
Easy Reading and Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, and Holiday
E Blake Blake, Quentin Three little monkeys
E Bland Bland, Nick The very cranky bear
E Bunting Bunting, Eve Thunder horse
E Curato Curato, Mike Fall friends
E Curato Curato, Mike Little Elliot, big city
E Davis Davis, Jacky Black Belt Bunny
E Dewdney Dewdney, Anna Llama Llama and friends
E Eaton Eaton, Jason Carter How to track a truck
E Fallon Fallon, Jimmy Everything is Mama
E Fletche Fletcher, Tom There's a monster in your book
E Friend Friend, David With any luck, I'll drive a truck
E Hood Hood, Susan Double take! : a new look at opposites
E Olsen Olsen, Leigh. Elements of being a Ranger
E Palacio Palacio, R. J. We're all wonders
E Parr Parr, Todd. The thankful book
RL 1 E Gallo Gallo, Tina Hero school
RL 1 E Penderg Pendergrass, Daphne Owlette and the giving owl
RL 1 E Penderg Pendergrass, Daphne PJ Masks save the library!
RL 3 E Hernand Hernandez, Sarah A family mystery
RL 3 E Rivera Rivera, Liz Miguel's music
Christmas E Idle Idle, Molly Schaar Santa Rex
Christmas E Jenning Jennings, Patrick Naughty Claudine's Christmas
BoardBook E Peppa Peppa Christmas with Peppa
BoardBook E Christmas Christmas The story of Christmas
BoardBook E Jensen Jensen, Bonnie Rickner A very thankful prayer
BoardBook E Kennedy Kennedy, Anne One Christmas bear
BoardBook E Magsame Magsamen, Sandra. I love you snow much
BoardBook E Parker Parker, Amy My Christmas prayer
BoardBook E Roth Roth, Megan Race to the North Pole
BoardBook E Sassi Sassi, Laura Goodnight, manger
DVDs and Blu-Ray
DVD 6 6 below : miracle on the mountain
DVD Perfect A perfect day
DVD Grantchester Season 3 3_DVDs Grantchester. The complete third season
DVD Mercy Season 2 2_DVDs Mercy Street. Season 2
DVD Sherlock Season 4 2_DVDs Sherlock. Season four
DVD Sherlock Season 3 2_DVDs Sherlock. Season three
DVD Glass The glass castle
DVD Wilde The Wilde wedding
Blu-Ray Fun Fun mom dinner
DVD J All All I want for Christmas is you
DVD J Nut 2 The nut job 2 : nutty by nature
Blu-Ray J Cars 3 2_discs Cars 3
Blu-Ray J Spookley Spookley the square pumpkin
Audio CDs and PlayAways
AUD CD Allende 9_CDs Allende, Isabel In the midst of winter
AUD CD Bradford 11_CDs Bradford, Barbara Taylor Secrets of Cavendon
AUD CD Coonts 6_CDs Coonts, Stephen The armageddon file
AUD CD Evans 5_CDs Evans, Richard Paul The Noel diary
AUD CD Fox 10_CDs Fox, Victoria The Silent Fountain
AUD CD Goldsto 9_CDs Goldstone, Lawrence Deadly cure
AUD CD Graham 7_CDs Graham, Heather American drifter
AUD CD Jones 7_CDs Jones, Darynda The trouble with twelfth grave
AUD CD Kingsbury 8_CDs Kingsbury, Karen In this moment : the Baxter family
AUD CD Ryan 8_CDs Ryan, Renee Once an heiress
AUD CD Woods 6_CDs Woods, Stuart Quick & dirty
Playaway Child Child, Lee The midnight line : a Jack Reacher novel
Playaway Clark Clark, Mary Higgins Every breath you take
Playaway Hilderb Hilderbrand, Elin Winter solstice
Playaway J Korman Korman, Gordon Restart
Playaway Meyer Meyer, Marissa Renegades
Playaway Silber Silber, Joan Improvement
Playaway Weir Weir, Andy Artemis
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