New Materials January 2018
F Burke Burke, James Lee Robicheaux : a novel
F Chiaver Chiaverini, Jennifer Enchantress of numbers : a novel of Ada Lovelace
F Dressle Dressler, Mylène The last to see me
F Greco Greco, Otilia The lady with the purple hat : a novel
F Griffin Griffin, W. E. B. Death at Nuremberg
F Henders Bk. 2 [Evie Blackwell] Henderson, Dee Threads of suspicion
F James James, P. D. The mistletoe murder : and other stories
F Jonasso Bk. 2 [Dark Iceland] Ragnar Jónasson Nightblind
F Klassen Bk. 2 [Tales] Klassen, Julie The ladies of Ivy Cottage
F Krentz Krentz, Jayne Ann Promise not to tell
F Luesse Luesse, Valerie Fraser Missing Isaac
F Marone Marone, Lorenzo The temptation to be happy
F Mikulen Mikulencak, Mandy The last suppers
F Moody Moody, David One of us will be dead by morning
F Parker Parker, Samuel Coldwater
F Peterso Bk. 2 [Heart] Peterson, Tracie Out of the ashes
F Reynold Reynolds, Amanda Close to me
F Rice Rice, Anne Ramses the damned : the passion of Cleopatra
F Rollins Rollins, James The demon crown
F Sebag Sebag Montefiore, Simon Red sky at noon
F Warren Bk. 4 [Montana] Warren, Susan May Troubled waters
F White Bk. 2 [Shadows] White, Roseanna M. A song unheard
F Wilson Wilson, F. Paul The god gene
F Woods Woods, Stuart Unbound
Large Print
LP F Gould Gould, Leslie A plain leaving
LP F Gray Gray, Shelley Shepard The gift
LP F Hunter Hunter, Denise Blue Ridge sunrise
LP F McClure McClure, Marcia Lynn Beneath the honeysuckle vine
LP F Price Price, Sarah The faded photo
LP F Reay Reay, Katherine The Austen escape
LP F Rooney Rooney, Kathleen Lillian Boxfish takes a walk
LP F Spencer Spencer, Katherine Because it's Christmas
LP F Thayne Bk. 7 [Haven Point] Thayne, RaeAnne Sugar Pine trail
LP MYS Cass Bk. 6 [Bookmobile] Cass, Laurie Wrong side of the paw
LP MYS Delany Bk. 2 [Sherlock] Delany, Vicki Body on Baker Street
LP MYS Thomas Thomas, Will Old scores
LP MYS Wait Bk. 4 [Mainely] Wait, Lea Dangling by a thread
WES LP Boggs Boggs, Johnny D. The Raven's honor : a Sam Houston story
WES LP West West, Charles Hell hath no fury
MYS Crais Crais, Robert The wanted
MYS Dunnett Bk. 11 [Liss] Dunnett, Kaitlyn X marks the Scot
MYS Furlong Bk. 1 [Bone Gap] Furlong, Susan Splintered silence
MYS Hyde Bk. 2 [Crime] Hyde, Katherine Bolger Bloodstains with Bronte
MYS Lehane Bk. 1 [42nd Street] Lehane, Cornelius Murder at the 42nd Street library : a mystery
MYS Malane Malane, Donna My brother's keeper : a mystery
MYS Oust Bk. 5 [Spice] Oust, Gail Ginger snapped
MYS Perry Perry, Thomas The bomb maker
MYS Schaffh Schaffhausen, Joanna The vanishing season
LP MYS Cass Bk. 6 [Bookmobile] Cass, Laurie Wrong side of the paw
LP MYS Delany Bk. 2 [Sherlock] Delany, Vicki Body on Baker Street
LP MYS Thomas Thomas, Will Old scores
LP MYS Wait Bk. 4 [Mainely] Wait, Lea Dangling by a thread
PB Grey Grey, Amelia To the Duke, with love
PB Kramer Kramer, Kieran Christmas at Two Love Lane
WES LP Boggs Boggs, Johnny D. The Raven's honor : a Sam Houston story
WES LP West West, Charles Hell hath no fury
155.6 Richard Richardson, Cheryl Waking up in winter : in search of what really matters at midlife
155.937 Benyo Benyo, Chris, All in : Living, not dying with ALS ; a journey of faith
158.12 Harris Harris, Dan Meditation for fidgety skeptics : a 10% happier how-to book
332.024 Sitting Sitting pretty on a fixed income : 1001 personal finance secrets for seniors
371.384 Shonstr Shonstrom, Erik The indoor epidemic : how parents, teachers, and kids can start an outdoor revolution
378.16 ACT 2018 Cracking the ACT premium
523.1 Tyson Tyson, Neil deGrasse Astrophysics for people in a hurry
615.852 Sadeghi Sadeghi, Habib The clarity cleanse : 12 steps to finding renewed energy, spiritual fulfillment, and emotional healing
616.9 Gilbert Gilbert, Jack Dirt is good : the advantage of germs for your child's developing immune system
641.563 Hartwig Hartwig, Melissa The whole30 fast & easy : 150 simply delicious everyday recipes for your Whole30
921 Wilder Laura Fraser, Caroline Prairie fires : the American dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder
940.3 Herman Herman, Arthur 1917 : Lenin, Wilson, and the birth of the new world disorder
940.548 Kix Kix, Paul The saboteur : the aristocrat who became France's most daring anti-Nazi commando
972.91 Cuba Cuba on the verge : 12 writers on continuity and change in Havana and across the country
REF IL 977.3 Illinoi 2017-2018 Illinois blue book.
Young Adult
YA Black Bk. 1 [Folk] Black, Holly The cruel prince
YA Charbon Charbonneau, Joelle Dividing Eden
YA Cisnero Cisneros, Sandra The house on Mango Street
YA Desir author. Desir, Christa Other broken things
YA Graudin Graudin, Ryan Invictus
YA Helgeso Helgeson, Kat. Say no to the bro
YA Iturbe Iturbe, Antonio The librarian of Auschwitz
YA Maaren Maaren, Kari Weave a circle round
Juvenile Fiction
JF Burt Burt, Jake Greetings from witness protection!
JF Davies Davies, Kate The Crims
JF Graff Graff, Keir The Matchstick Castle
JF [GRN] Pilkey Bk. 4 [Dog Man] Pilkey, Dav. Dog Man and Cat Kid
JF Hurwitz Hurwitz, Michele Weber Ethan Marcus stands up
JF Kimmel Kimmel, Eric A. Scarlett and Sam : search for the shamir
JF Morris Morris, Chad Mustaches for Maddie
JF Ruby Ruby, Jeffrey Michael Penelope March is melting
JF Ruby Bk. 1 [York] Ruby, Laura York. Book one, The shadow cipher
JF Stilton #26 Stilton, Thea Thea Stilton and the Venice masquerade
JF Strange Strange, Lucy The secret of Nightingale Wood
JF Tarpley Tarpley, Natasha The Harlem charade
Juvenile Non-Fiction
J 612.84 Amoroso Amoroso, Cynthia. Eyes
Easy Reading, Levels 1-3, and Boardbooks
E Aihara Aihara, Kazunori. Let's find Pokemon!
E Bang Bang, Molly. When Sophie thinks she can't...
E de la Pena de la Peña, Matt Miguel and the grand harmony
E Good Good night, beautiful moon.
E Hughes Hughes, Shirley Alfie and dad
E Levis Levis, Caron, author Ida, always
E Rolli Rolli, Jennifer Hansen. Claudia & Moth
E Rosenth Rosenthal, Amy Krouse Dear Girl
Christmas E Figley Figley, Marty Rhodes Santa's underwear
Halloween E Man-Kong Man-Kong, Mary Happy Troll-o-ween!
RL 1 E Berenst Berenstain, Mike. The Berenstain Bears' big machines
RL 1 E Spinner Spinner, Cala Super cat speed!
RL 2 E Gutman Gutman, Dan Rappy goes to Mars
BoardBook E Berry Berry-Byrd, Holly I Think My Gandpa might be Santa
BoardBook E Christe Christelow, Eileen. Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
BoardBook E Happy Happy holidays, Blaze!
BoardBook E Shaw Shaw, Natalie. It's time to save the day!
Audio and Playaways
AUD CD Ide 8_CDs Ide, Joe Righteous : an IQ novel
AUD CD McKinla 6_CDs McKinlay, Jenn Death in the stacks
AUD CD Rollins 12_CDs Rollins, James The demon crown
AUD CD Steel 7_CDs Steel, Danielle Past perfect : a novel
Playaway Baldacc Baldacci, David End game
Playaway Connell Connelly, Michael Two kinds of truth
Playaway Eastman Eastman, Dawn Unnatural causes
Playaway J Davies Davies, Kate The Crims : crime runs in the family
Playaway Moody Moody, David One of us will be dead by morning
Playaway Richard Richardson, Kim Michele The sisters of glass ferry
Blu-Rays, DVDs, Binge Boxes, and CDs
DVD All Saints All Saints
DVD Breach Breach
DVD Christmas Christmas wedding planner
DVD Death Death of a salesman
DVD Hitman's The hitman's bodyguard
DVD J Albert Albert [videoreocrding]
DVD J Cars 3 2_DVDs Cars 3
DVD J Cloudy Cloudy with a chance of meatballs Lobster Claus is coming to town
DVD J Despicable 3 Despicable me 3
DVD J Leap Leap!
DVD J PJ PJ Masks. Let's go PJ Masks!
DVD On Wings On wings of eagles : The Eric Liddell Story.
DVD Scrooge Scrooge
DVD Tulip Tulip fever
DVD Very A very country Christmas
Blu-Ray J Mariah Mariah Carey's : all I want for Christmas is you
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