May 2018
F Baldacc Bk. 4 [Amos Decker] Baldacci, David The fallen
F Barnes Barnes, Julian The only story
F Billerb Billerbeck, Kristin The theory of happily ever after
F Buckley Buckley, Christopher The judge hunter
F Carr Bk. 3 [Sullivan's Crossing] Carr, Robyn The family gathering
F Connoll Connolly, John He
F Coulter Bk. 5 [Brit] Coulter, Catherine The sixth day
F Dodd Dodd, Christina Dead girl running
F Evans Bk. 2 [Broken Road] Evans, Richard Paul The forgotten road
F Freeman Bk. 9 [Jonathan Stride] Freeman, Brian Alter ego
F Goldber Bk. 1 [Ian Ludlow] Goldberg, Lee True fiction : an Ian Ludlow thriller
F Goodman Goodman, Joanna The home for unwanted girls
F Haupt Haupt, Jennifer In the shadow of 10, 000 hills
F Hedlund Bk. 2 [Orphan] Hedlund, Jody Together forever
F Irving Irving, Nicholas Reaper : ghost target : a sniper novel
F Jewell Jewell, Lisa Then she was gone
F Johanse Bk. 23 [Eve Duncan] Johansen, Iris Shattered mirror
F Juska Juska, Elise If we had known
F Kidd Kidd, Jess Mr. Flood's last resort
F Kirsano Kirsanow, Peter N. Target Omega : a thriller
F Lauren Lauren, Christina Love and other words
F Laurens Bk. 1 [Cavanaughs] Laurens, Stephanie The designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh
F Maxwell Bk. 17 [Spinster] Maxwell, Cathy A match made in bed : a spinster heiresses novel
F McCaule McCauley, Stephen My ex-life
F McLain McLain, Paula Love and ruin
F Miller Miller, Madeline Circe
F Molloy Molloy, Aimee The perfect mother
F Nesbo Nesbø, Jo Macbeth
F O'Callag O'Callaghan, Billy The dead house
F Olsson Olsson, Fredrik T. Acts of vanishing
F Palmer Palmer, Michael The first family
F Parry Parry, Leslie Church of marvels
F Rubart Rubart, James L. The man he never was
F Sandfor Sandford, John Twisted prey
F Scottol Scottoline, Lisa After Anna
F Seay Seay, Martin The mirror thief
F Shepard Shepard, Sara The Elizas
F Shreve Shreve, Anita The Stars Are Fire
F Simsion Simsion, Graeme C Two steps forward
F Smith Smith, Alisa Speakeasy
F Swanson Swanson, Peter All the beautiful lies
F Tapper Tapper, Jake The hellfire club
F Varese Varese, Jon Michael The spirit photographer
F Ward Bk. 16 [Black Dagger] Ward, J. R. The thief
F Woods Woods, Stuart Shoot first : (think later)
Large Print
LP F Bunn Bunn, T. Davis Firefly Cove
LP F Crispel Crispell, Susan Bishop Dreaming in chocolate
LP F Drangsh Drangsholt, Janne S. The marvelous misadventures of Ingrid Winter
LP F Fuller Bk. 3 [Amish Letters] Fuller, Kathleen Words from the heart
LP F Gray Bk. 4 [Amish] Gray, Shelley Shepard His risk
LP F Jacobs Jacobs, Holly Just one thing
LP F Laurean Bk. 1 [Supper Club] Laureano, Carla The Saturday night supper club
LP F McCoy Bk. 1 [Bradshaws] McCoy, Shirlee Home with you
LP MYS Flower Bk. 1 [Amish Candy] Flower, Amanda Assaulted caramel
LP MYS Hunsick Hunsicker, Harry The Devil's country
LP MYS Maxwell Bk.2 [Lady] Maxwell, Alyssa A pinch of poison
LP MYS Sleeman Bk. 2 [White] Sleeman, Susan Kill shot
WES LP Johnsto Bk. 3 [Trail West] Johnstone, William W. Hang him twice
WES LP Paine Paine, Lauran Winter moon
MYS Atkins Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker's old black magic : a Spenser novel
MYS Cleeves Bk. 5 [Vera] Cleeves, Ann The glass room
MYS Cleland Cleland, Jane K. Antique blues
MYS Coyle Bk. 17 [Coffeehouse] Coyle, Cleo Shot in the dark
MYS Davis Davis, J. D. Judicial justice
MYS Deaver Deaver, Jeffery The cutting edge
MYS Frederi Fredericks, Mariah A death of no importance
MYS Griffin Bk. 3 [Newberg] Griffin, Neal By his own hand
MYS Hill Bk. 2 [Fia McKee] Hill, Sasscer The dark side of town
MYS Patters Patterson, James The 17th suspect
MYS Perry Bk. 1 [Daniel Pitt] Perry, Anne Twenty-one days
MYS Shea Bk. 1 [French] Shea, Susan C. Love & death in burgundy
MYS Shea Bk. 2 [French] Shea, Susan C. Dressed for death in burgundy : a French village mystery
MYS Spillan Spillane, Mickey Killing town : a Mike Hammer novel
MYS Street Bk. 2 [Poe and Dupin] Street, Karen Lee Edgar Allan Poe and the jewel of Peru
MYS Wechsle Bk. 3 [Abby Endicott] Wechsler, Pamela The Fens
LP MYS Flower Bk. 1 [Amish Candy] Flower, Amanda Assaulted caramel
LP MYS Hunsick Hunsicker, Harry The Devil's country
LP MYS Maxwell Bk.2 [Lady] Maxwell, Alyssa A pinch of poison
LP MYS Sleeman Bk. 2 [White] Sleeman, Susan Kill shot
Science Fiction
SF Morden Bk. 1 Morden, S. J. One way
SF Scalzi Scalzi, John Head on
WES LP Johnsto Bk. 3 [Trail West] Johnstone, William W. Hang him twice
WES LP Paine Paine, Lauran Winter moon
267 Bleakle Bleakley, Jennifer Marshall Joey : how a blind rescue horse helped others learn to see
306.362 May May, Rachel An American quilt : unfolding a story of family and slavery
306.7 Coles Coles, Joanna Love rules : how to find a real relationship in a digital world
321.9 Snyder Snyder, Timothy On tyranny : twenty lessons from the twentieth century
363.28 Buffett Buffett, Howard G. Our 50-state border crisis : how the Mexican border fuels the drug epidemic across America
363.28 Buffett Buffett, Howard G. Our 50-state border crisis : how the Mexican border fuels the drug epidemic across America
364.15 King King, Gilbert Beneath a ruthless sun : a true story of violence, race, and justice lost and found
616.85 Nadel Nadel, Laurie The five gifts : discovering hope, healing and strength when disaster strikes
629.43 Stern Stern, Alan Chasing New Horizons : inside the epic first mission to Pluto
631.585 Laing Laing, Rob Ditch the dirt : grow edible hydroponic plants at home
641 Bureau Bureau, Sébastien Fermentation revolution : 70 easy, healthy recipes for sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi and more
641.302 Smith Smith, Ian K. The clean 20 : 20 foods, 20 days, total transformation
641.7 Saulsbu Saulsbury, Camilla V. 5-ingredient air fryer recipes : 200 delicious & easy meal ideas including gluten-free & vegan
782.8 Hamilto Miranda, Lin-Manuel Hamilton : an American musical
917.59 Walt 2017 Magic Guidebooks : Walt Disney World Resort 2017 guide : secrets, money saving tips, hidden Mickeys, and everything else you need to know!
921 Peron Eva Fraser, Nicholas Evita
958.1047 Stanton Stanton, Doug 12 strong : the declassified true story of the horse soldiers
973.7 Sandbur Sandburg, Carl Storm over the land : a profile of the Civil War
973.927 Tate Tate, Sheila Lady in red : an intimate portrait of Nancy Reagan
973.933 Isikoff Isikoff, Michael Russian roulette : the inside story of Putin's war on America and the election of Donald Trump
GEN 006 McNerney McNerney, Michael J. A shape in time and space : the migration of the necked discoid gravemarker--the Illinois sample
Graphic Novels
Graphic Transfo Barber, John Transformers : Redemption of the Dinobots.
Graphic Transfo Shining Barber, John Rom vs. Transformers. Shining armor
Young Adult
YA Acevedo Acevedo, Elizabeth The poet X
YA Alberta Albertalli, Becky Leah on the offbeat
YA Alberta Albertalli, Becky The upside of unrequited
YA Cohn Cohn, Rachel Sam & Ilsa's last hurrah
YA Cote Bk. 5 [Epic] Cote, Jenny L. The voice, the revolution & the key
YA Dyer Dyer, Hadley Here so far away
YA Flanaga Bk. 3 [Ranger's] Flanagan, John (John Anthony) The icebound land
YA Gallier Gallier, Laura The delusion : we all have our demons
YA Haddix Haddix, Margaret Peterson The summer of broken things
YA Kagawa Bk. 5 [Talon] Kagawa, Julie Inferno
YA Ostrom Ostrom, Melissa The beloved wild
YA Savage Savage, Kim In her skin
YA Weber Bk. 2 [Evaporation] Weber, Mary (Mary Christine) Reclaiming Shilo Snow
YA Woodfol Woodfolk, Ashley The beauty that remains
Juvenile Fiction
JF Blabey Bk. 6 [Bad Guys] Blabey, Aaron The bad guys in Alien vs. Bad Guys
JF Callend Callender, Kheryn Hurricane child
JF Chabert Bk. 1 [Eerie] Chabert, Jack The school is alive!
JF Cumming Bk. 2 [Notebook Cummings, Troy, author, illustrator. Day of the night crawlers
JF Gutman Bk. 3 [Flashback] Gutman, Dan The Pompeii disaster
JF Kelly Bk. 10 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The rookie Blue Jay
JF Kelly Bk. 11 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The Tiger troubles
JF Kelly Bk.3 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The L.A. Dodger
JF Kelly #2 [Ballpark Super Special] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) Christmas in Cooperstown
JF Kelly Bk. 12 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The Rangers rustlers
JF Kelly Bk. 13 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The Capital catch
JF Kelly Bk. 4 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The Astro outlaw
JF Kelly Bk. 5 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The All-Star joker
JF Kelly Bk. 7 [Ballpark} Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The San Francisco splash
JF Kelly Bk. 8 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The missing marlin
JF Kelly Bk. 9 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. (David Andrew) The Philly fake
JF Kerr Kerr, Jane The elephant thief
JF Kinney Bk. 8 [Diary] Kinney, Jeff, author, illustrator. Hard luck
JF Korman Bk. 2 [Hypnotists] Korman, Gordon Memory maze
JF Larson Larson, Kirby Code word courage
JF Larson Larson, Kirby Liberty
JF Marko Bk. 1 [Kung Pow] Marko, Cyndi, author, illustrator. Let's get cracking!
JF Peirce Peirce, Lincoln, author, illustrator. Big Nate : double trouble
JF Pilger Bk. 1 [Fart Squad] Pilger, Seamus Fart Squad
JF Pilkey Bk. 1 [Ricky] Pilkey, Dav Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot
JF Roberts Bk .1 [Princess] Robertson, Missy Allie's bayou rescue
JF Roberts Bk. 2 [Princess] Robertson, Missy Running from reality
JF Viorst Viorst, Judith Lulu is getting a sister : (who Wants her? who Needs her?)
Juvenile Non-Fiction
J 641.6 Archer Archer, Joe Plant, cook, eat! : a children's cookbook
J 796.9 Waxman Waxman, Laura Hamilton Bobsled and luge
J 796.91 Rabrecq Labrecque, Ellen Figure skating
J 796.964 Labrecq Labrecque, Ellen Curling
J 910 Country Bassis, Volodymyr Ukraine
J 910 Country Brown, Roslind Varghese Tunisia
J 910 Country Dhilawala, Sakina Armenia
J 910 Country Foley, Erin Costa Rica
J 910 Country Hassig, Susan M. Somalia
J 910 Country Heale, Jay Madagascar
J 910 Country Holmes, Timothy Zambia
J 910 Country Kagda, Falaq Algeria
J 910 Country Kagda, Falaq Hong Kong
J 910 Country Kagda, Sakina Lithuania
J 910 Country Levy, Patricia Sudan
J 910 Country Mansfield, Stephen Laos
J 910 Country NgCheong-Lum, Roseline Tahiti
J 910 Country Sheehan, Patricia Luxembourg
J 910 Country Sheehan, Sean Lebanon
J 910 Country South, Coleman Jordan
J 910 Country Spilling, Michael Georgia
J 910 Country Stavreva, Kirilka Bulgaria
J 921 Biles Simone Mortensen, Lori Simone Biles : gymnastics star
J 921 Manuel Simone Schwartz, Heather E. Simone Manuel : swimming star
Juvenile Graphic Novels
JF [GRN] Brockin Bk. 4 [CatStronauts] Brockington, Drew CatStronauts. Robot rescue
JF [GRN] Brown Bk. 1 [Jedi Academy] Brown, Jeffrey Jedi Academy
JF [GRN] Brown Bk. 2 [Jedi Academy] Brown, Jeffrey Return of the Padawan
JF [GRN] Brown Bk. 3 [Jedi Academy] Brown, Jeffrey The phantom bully
Easy Reading, Levels 1 through3, Boardbooks
E Applega Applegate, Katherine Sometimes you fly
E Arnold Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator. Fly Guy and the alienzz
E Brown Cendrars, Blaise, 1887-1961. Shadow
E Dean Dean, James Twinkle, twinkle, little star
E Kimmel Kimmel, Eric A. I want a real bike! in Oregon
E London London, Jonathan Sleep train
E Pfister Pfister, Marcus What a day ... : a story in emoji
E Rosenth Rosenthal, Amy Krouse Don't blink!
E Shinick Shinick, Kevin Chewie and the porgs
E Wells Wells, Rosemary, author, illustrator. Kit & Kaboodle
E Wilker Wilker, Bowman Crackerjack Jack
Easter E Dean Dean, Kim Big Easter adventure
RL 1 E Capucil Capucilli, Alyssa Satin Biscuit and the big parade!
RL 1 E Capucil Capucilli, Alyssa Satin My first swim class
RL2 E Berenst Berenstain, Mike The Berenstain Bears Just grin and bear it! : wisdom from Bear Country
Audio and Playaways
AUD CD Bohjali 9_CDs Bohjalian, Chris The flight attendant
AUD CD Clark 6_CDs Clark, Mary Higgins All by myself, alone
AUD CD Deaver 11_CDs Deaver, Jeffery The cutting edge
AUD CD Graham 8_CDs Graham, Heather. A perfect obsession
AUD CD Jackson 12_CDs Jackson, Lisa One last breath
Playaway Carlin Carlin, John Playing the enemy: Nelson Mandela and the game that made a nation
Playaway Cutter Cutter, Jerry I'm staying with my boys
Playaway De los De los Santos, Marisa I'll be your blue sky [electronic resource
Playaway Feeney Feeney, Alice Sometimes I Lie
Playaway Garcia Garcia, Kami Broken beautiful hearts
Playaway Hepwort Hepworth, Sally The family next door [electronic resource
Playaway Herbert Herbert, Emily Lady Gaga: queen of pop
Playaway Hunter Hunter, C. C. This heart of mine
Playaway J Berne Berne, Emma Carlson Daring adventures. Volumes 1 & 2
Playaway J Gutman Bk. 1 [Flashback] Gutman, Dan The Lincoln project
Playaway J Gutman Bk. 2 [Flashback] Gutman, Dan The Titanic mission
Playaway J Gutman Bk. 3 [Flashback] Gutman, Dan The Pompeii disaster
Playaway J LaReau LaReau, Kara The uncanny express
Playaway J Robinso Robinson, Sharon The hero two doors down
Playaway J Spirit Bk. 5 Sutherland, Tui Against the tide
Playaway J Spirit Bk. 6 Schrefer, Eliot Rise and fall
Playaway Notaro Notaro, Laurie. I love everybody (and other atrocious lies): true tales of a loudmouth girl
Playaway O'Flana O'Flanagan, Sheila The missing wife
Playaway Schilli Schilling, Jerry. Me and a guy named Elvis: my lifelong friendship with Elvis Presley
Playaway Ten Boom Ten Boom, Corrie. The hiding place
Playaway Vance Vance, J. D., author, narrator. Hillbilly elegy :a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
BlueRays and DVDs
DVD Acts Acts of violence
DVD Beast Beast of burden
DVD Communter The commuter
DVD Downsizing Downsizing
DVD Father Father figures
DVD Florida The Florida project
DVD Greatest The greatest showman
DVD Jumanji 2_DVDs Jumanji. Welcome to the jungle
DVD Post The Post
DVD Surviving Surviving the wild
DVD Thirteen 4_DVDs 13 reasons why. Season 1.
Blu-Ray Commuter The commuter
Blu-Ray Downsizing Downsizing
Blu-Ray Father Father figures
Blu-Ray Greatest The greatest showman
DVD J Ferdinand Ferdinand
DVD J Lego LEGO DC comics super heroes: The Flash
DVD J Shopkin Shopkins: Wild
Blu-Ray J Ferdinand Ferdinand
Blu-Ray J Lego LEGO DC comics super heroes: The Flash
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