November 2017
F Alderma Alderman, Naomi The power
F Allende Allende, Isabel In the midst of winter
F Andrews Bk. 3 [Mirror] Andrews, V. C. Shattered memories
F Archer Archer, Jeffrey Tell tale : stories
F Austin Austin, Lynn N. Where we belong
F Bailey Bailey, Sarah The dark lake
F Boltans Boltanski, Christophe The safe house
F Brown Brown, Dan Origin
F Byatt Byatt, A. S. Possession : a romance
F Camden Camden, Elizabeth A dangerous legacy
F Cash Cash, Wiley The last ballad
F Chamber Chamberlin, Holly Home for Christmas
F Constan Constantine, Liv The last Mrs. Parrish
F Cussler Cussler, Clive Typhoon fury
F Egan Egan, Jennifer Manhattan Beach
F Eskens Eskens, Allen The deep dark descending
F Evans Evans, Richard Paul The Noel diary
F Fitch Fitch, Janet The revolution of Marina M.
F Grisham Grisham, John The Rooster Bar
F Hanks Hanks, Tom Uncommon type : some stories
F Harper Harper, Karen The it girls
F Helprin Helprin, Mark Paris in the present tense
F Hoffman Hoffman, Alice The rules of magic
F Hornak Hornak, Francesca Seven days of us
F Ignatiu Ignatius, David The quantum spy : a thriller
F James James, Eloisa Wilde in love
F Jia Jia, Pingwa author. Happy dreams
F Johanse Johansen, Iris Mind game
F Kendal Kendal, Claire The second sister
F Kingsbu Bk. 2 [Baxter] Kingsbury, Karen In this moment
F Macmill Macmillan, Gilly Odd child out
F Maguire Maguire, Gregory Hiddensee : a tale of the once and future Nutcracker
F McDermo McDermott, Alice The ninth hour
F McGhee McGhee, Alison Never coming back
F Monroe Monroe, Mary The devil you know
F Murphy Murphy, Devin The boat runner
F Ng Ng, Celeste Little fires everywhere
F Noblin Noblin, Annie England Pupcakes : a Christmas novel
F Novak Bk. 4 [Silver Springs] Novak, Brenda Right where we belong
F Olmstea Olmstead, Robert Savage country
F Palmer Bk. 7 [Wyoming Men] Palmer, Diana Wyoming winter
F Patituc Patitucci, Dawn The queen's prophet
F Rouda Rouda, Kaira Best day ever
F Sandfor Bk. 10 [Virgil] Sandford, JohN Deep freeze
F Smith Smith, Wilbur A. The tiger's prey of adventure
F St. Aubyn St. Aubyn, Edward Dunbar
F Steel Steel, Danielle Fairytale
F Theys Theys, Lydia Fazio. Children of the Salt Road
F Thomas Thomas, Will Old scores
F Walsh Walsh, Courtney Hometown girl
F Woods Woods, Eva Something like happy
F Woods Woods, Stuart Quick & dirty
F Woods Bk. 14 [Chesapeake] Woods, Sherryl Lilac Lane
Large Print
LP F Fuller Bk. 2 [Amish Letters] Fuller, Kathleen The promise of a letter
LP F Gabhart Gabhart, Ann H. These healing hills
LP F Goodnig Goodnight, Linda The innkeeper's sister
LP F Hyde Hyde, Catherine Ryan Allie and Bea
LP F Kelman Kelman, Suzanne Rejected Writers take the stage
LP F Kirkpat Kirkpatrick, Jane All she left behind
LP F Ryan Ryan, Renee A touch of scarlet
LP MYS Camille Bk. 21 [Inspector] Camilleri, Andrea A nest of vipers
LP MYS Day Day, Barry Two for one!h[text (large print)]
LP MYS Howe Howe, K. J. The freedom broker [text(large print)]
LP MYS Kendig Bk. 2 [Tox] Kendig, Ronie Crown of souls
LP MYS MacIner Bk. 2 [Dewberry] MacInerney, Karen Fatal frost : a Dewberry Farm mystery
WES LP Johnsto Bk. 1 [Jensen Brand] Johnstone, William W. The Jensen brand
WES LP Paine Paine, Lauran Reckoning at Lansing's ferry
MYS Alexand Bk. 12 [Lady Emily] Alexander, Tasha Death in St. Petersburg
MYS Byron Bk. 3 [Cajun] Byron, Ellen A Cajun Christmas killing
MYS Chance Bk. 3 [Discreet] Chance, Maia Gin and panic : a mystery
MYS Clark Clark, Mary Higgins Every breath you take
MYS Connell Bk. 22 [Bosch] Connelly, Michael Two kinds of truth
MYS Ellicot Bk. 1 [Beryl & Edwina] Ellicott, Jessica Murder in an English village : a Beryl and Edwina mystery
MYS Goldsto Goldstone, Lawrence Deadly cure
MYS Hart Bk. 8 [Bailey] Hart, Carolyn G. Ghost on the case
MYS Kellerm Kellerman, Faye Killing season : a thriller
MYS Kingsbu Kingsbury, Kate Doom with a view
MYS Morton Bk. 2 [Hettie] Morton, Mandy Cat among the pumpkins
MYS Perry Perry, Anne A Christmas return
MYS White Bk. 7 [Bailey] White, Kate Even if it kills her
LP MYS Camille Bk. 21 [Inspector] Camilleri, Andrea A nest of vipers
LP MYS Day Day, Barry Two for one!h[text (large print)]
LP MYS Howe Howe, K. J. The freedom broker [text(large print)]
LP MYS Kendig Bk. 2 [Tox] Kendig, Ronie Crown of souls
LP MYS MacIner Bk. 2 [Dewberry] MacInerney, Karen Fatal frost : a Dewberry Farm mystery
Science Fiction
SF Bradley Bradley, James Clade
SF Card Card, Orson Scott Children of the fleet
SF Lackey Bk. 2 [Dragon] Lackey, Mercedes Blade of empire
SF Lackey Bk. 12 [Elemental] Lackey, Mercedes A scandal in Battersea
WES LP Johnsto Bk. 1 [Jensen Brand] Johnstone, William W. The Jensen brand
WES LP Paine Paine, Lauran Reckoning at Lansing's ferry
PB Olivera Oliveras, Priscilla His perfect partner
PB Price Price, Sarah Belle : an amish retelling of beauty and the beast
323.6 Rather Rather, Dan What unites us : reflections on patriotism
327.12 Harden Harden, Blaine King of spies : the dark reign of America's spymaster in Korea
551.45 Goodell Goodell, Jeff The water will come : rising seas, sinking cities, and the remaking of the civilized world
616.995 Loughee Lougheed, Kathryn Catching breath : the making and unmaking of tuberculosis
641.568 Better 2017 Christmas cooking from the heart : giving is receiving.
641.587 Clark Clark, Melissa Dinner in an instant : 75 modern recipes for your pressure cooker, multicooker, and Instant Pot
641.5884 Complet The complete slow cooker : from appetizers to desserts-400 must-have recipes that cook while you play (or work)
643.2 Hunting Huntington, Foster Van life : your home on the road
746.4 Mullins Mullins, Amy Macramé for beginners and beyond : 24 easy macramé projects for home and garden
791.43 Eyman Eyman, Scott Hank and Jim : the fifty-year friendship of Henry Fonda and James Stewart
796.357 Cohen Cohen, Rich The Chicago Cubs : story of a curse
808.83 Fantast Fantastic creatures : a Fellowship of fantasy anthology.
921 Biden Joseph Robinette Wilser, Jeff The book of Joe : the life, wit, and (sometimes accidental) wisdom of Joe Biden
921 Garfunkel Art Garfunkel, Art What is it all but luminous : notes from an underground man
921 Grant Ulysses Chernow, Ron Grant
921 Kelly Scott Kelly, Scott Endurance : a year in space, a lifetime of discovery
921 Lee Hyeonseo Lee, Hyeonseo The girl with seven names : a North Korean defector's story
921 Victoria & Abdul Basu, Shrabani Victoria and Abdul : the true story of the queen's closest confidant
940.54 Mundy Mundy, Liza Code girls : the untold story of the American women code breakers of World War II
973.932 Coates Coates, Ta-Nehisi We were eight years in power : an American tragedy
977.865 Merkel Merkel, Jim Beer, brats, and baseball : German-Americans in St. Louis
977.866 Merkel Merkel, Jim. The colorful characters of St. Louis
977.866 Merkel Merkel, Jim. The making of an icon : the dreamers, the schemers, and the hard hats who built the Gateway Arch.
GEN Branching November 2017 Branching out from St. Clair County, Illinois.
Young Adult
YA Anderso Anderson, M. T. Landscape with invisible hand
YA Atwood Atwood, M.C. The devils you know
YA Cast Bk. 2 [Tales] Cast, P. C. Sun warrior
YA Cotugno Cotugno, Katie Top ten
YA Dao Dao, Julie C. Forest of a thousand lanterns
YA DeStefa DeStefano, Lauren The glass spare
YA Evans Bk. 7 [Vey] Evans, Richard Paul The final spark
YA Goedjen Goedjen, Tara The breathless
YA Grant Bk. 7 [Gone] Grant, Michael Monster
YA Green Green, John Turtles all the way down
YA Hand Hand, Cynthia The afterlife of Holly Chase
YA Kaczyns Kaczynski, Heather Dare Mighty Things
YA Lancast Lancaster, Jen The gatekeepers
YA Lloyd-J Lloyd-Jones, Emily The hearts we sold
YA Meadows Bk. 1 [Fallen Isles] Meadows, Jodi Before she ignites
YA Meyer Meyer, Marissa Renegades
YA Patters Patterson, James Expelled
YA Rider Rider, Catherine Kiss me in New York
YA Sanchez Sánchez, Erika L. I am not your perfect Mexican daughter
YA Stiefva Stiefvater, Maggie All the crooked saints
YA Tamani Tamani, Liara Calling my name
YA Thompso Thompson, Mary G. Amy, Chelsea, Stacie, Dee
Juvenile Fiction
JF Avi Avi The player king
JF Black Bk. 4 [Magisterium] Black, Holly The silver mask
JF Deutsch Bk. 2 [Girls] Deutsch, Stacia Team BFF : race to the finish!
JF Gutman Bk. 9 [My weirdest] Gutman, Dan Miss Tracy is spacey!
JF Johanne Johannes, Shelley Beatrice Zinker, upside down thinker
JF Kinney Bk. 12 [Diary] Kinney, Jeff The getaway
JF Kostaki Kostakis, Will The sidekicks
JF Marlow Bk. 2 [Circle C] Marlow, Susan K. Andi under the big top
JF Naylor Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Zack and the turkey attack!
JF Palacio Palacio, R. J. Wonder
JF Paterso Paterson, Katherine My brigadista year
JF Patters Bk. 2 [Jacky] Patterson, James My life is a joke
JF Savage Bk. 3 [Mysteries] Savage, J. Scott Embers of destruction
JF Scieszk Bk. 5 [Frank Einstein] Scieszka, Jon Frank Einstein and the bio-action gizmo
JF Stilton #67 Stilton, Geronimo Operation : secret recipe
JF White White, E. B. Charlotte's web
Juvenile Non-Fiction
J 031 Arnold Arnold, Tedd Why, Fly Guy? : a big question & answer book
J 688.1 Anstrut Anstruther, Jen I love that minifigure
J 808.8 Traveli Traveling the blue road : poems of the sea
J 920 Giantur Gianturco, Paola Wonder girls : changing our world.
Easy Reading, Levels 1 through3, Boardbooks
E Atteber Atteberry, Kevan I love you more than the smell of swamp gas
E Cali Calì, Davide The call of the swamp
E Cuyler Cuyler, Margery The little fire truck
E DiCamil DiCamillo, Kate La la la
E Hest Hest, Amy Buster and the baby
E Higgins Higgins, Ryan T. Be quiet!
E Hopgood Hopgood, Tim Walter's wonderful web
E Patters Patterson, James Give thank you a try
E Santat Santat, Dan After the fall : how Humpty Dumpty got back up again
E Sauer Sauer, Tammi Truck, truck, goose!
E Say Say, Allen Silent days, silent dreams
E Shannon Shannon, David Bizzy Mizz Lizzie
E Shea Shea, Bob The scariest book ever
E Wallace Wallace, Adam How to catch a monster
Halloween E Paquett Paquette, Ammi-Joan Ghost in the house
Halloween E Sloat Sloat, Teri Zip! Zoom! On a broom
Christmas E Carle Carle, Eric Merry Christmas from the very hungry caterpillar
Christmas E Rinker Rinker, Sherri Duskey The 12 sleighs of Christmas
RL 1 E Dean Dean, James Pete the cat and the lost tooth
RL 1 E Mayer Mayer, Mercer Just pick us, please!
RL 2 E Wells Wells, Rosemary Max at school
Board Book E Miller Miller, Sara My first Halloween
BoardBook E Dewdney Morrow, J. T. Llama Llama gives thanks
BoardBook E Horowit Horowitz, Dave The ugly pumpkin
Audio and Playaways
AUD CD Follett 24_CDs Follett, Ken A column of fire [sound recording]
AUD CD Grafton 6_CDs Grafton, Sue Y is for yesterday [sound recording]
AUD CD Karon 14_CDs Karon, Jan To be where you are [sound recording]
AUD CD Patters 6_CDs Patterson, James Haunted [sound recording]
AUD CD Penny 11_CDs Penny, Louise Glass houses [sound recording]
AUD CD Walsh 9_CDs Walsh, Courtney Hometown girl [sound recording]
AUD CD 940.53 Pitzer 12_CDs Pitzer, Andrea One long night : a global history of concentration camps [sound recording]
Playaway Brown Brown, Dan Origin
Playaway Coben Coben, Harlan Don't let go
Playaway Green Green, John Turtles all the way down
Playaway Hoffman Hoffman, Alice The rules of magic
Playaway Penny Penny, Louise Glass houses
Playaway J Applega Applegate, Katherine Wishtree
Playaway J Nielsen Nielsen, Jennifer A. Deadzone
BlueRays and DVDs
DVD Beguiled The beguiled
DVD Big Season 10 3_DVDs The big bang theory. The complete tenth season
DVD CSI:NY Season One 7_DVDs CSI: NY. The complete first season
DVD CSI :NY Season 2 6_DVDs CSI: NY. The complete second season
DVD CSI: NY Season 3 6_DVDs CSI: NY. The complete third season
DVD CSI: NY Season 5 7_DVDs CSI: NY. The fifth season
DVD CSI: NY Season 7 6_DVDs CSI: NY. The complete seventh season.
DVD Designated Season 1 5_DVDs Designated survivor. The complete first season
DVD Fun Fun mom dinner
DVD It comes It comes at night
DVD Legends Season 1 4_DVDs DC's legends of tomorrow. The complete first season
DVD Legends Season 2 4_DVDs DC's legends of tomorrow. The complete second season
DVD Megan Megan Leavey
DVD Pirates Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead men tell no tales
DVD Race Race to freedom : the Underground Railroad
DVD Riverdale Season 1 3_DVDs Riverdale. The complete first season
DVD Road Road less traveled.
DVD Schitt'$ Seasons 1 & 2 4_DVDs Schitt$ Creek. Seasons one & two
DVD Supernatural Season 12 6_DVDs Supernatural. The complete twelfth season.
DVD Timeless Episode 11 2_discs Timeless trivia. Episode eleven, People, places & profiles
DVD Timeless Episode 12 2_discs Timeless trivia. Episode eleven, People, places & profiles
DVD Underground Season 2 3_DVDs Underground. Season two
DVD Vikings Season 4 3_DVDs Vikings. Season 4, Volume 2
DVD Wonder Wonder Woman
DVD Zookeeper's The zookeeper's wife
Blu-Ray Beguiled The beguiled
Blu-Ray J Captain Captain Underpants : the first epic movie
Blu-Ray Megan Megan Leavey
Blu-Ray Pirates Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead men tell no tales
Blu-Ray Wonder Wonder Woman
DVD J Captain Captain Underpants : the first epic movie
DVD J Mickey Mickey Mouse. Merry & scary.
DVD J Paw PAW patrol. The great pirate rescue!.
DVD J Spookley Spookley the square pumpkin
DVD J Swallows Swallows and Amazons
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