New Materials October 2018
F Ackerma Ackerman, Elliot Waiting for Eden
F Atkinso Atkinson, Kate Transcription
F Atwood Atwood, Margaret The handmaid's tale
F Baldacc Bk. 3 [Amos Decker] Baldacci, David The fix
F Barker Barker, Pat The silence of the girls
F Candlis Candlish, Louise Our house
F Conneal Bk. 1 [High Sierra] Connealy, Mary The accidental guardian
F Cussler Cussler, Clive Shadow tyrants
F Dare Bk. 2 [Girl] Dare, Tessa The governess game ; girl meets duke
F De Bern De Bernières, Louis So much life left over
F Deverau Bk. 1 [Medlar] Deveraux, Jude A willing murder
F deWitt deWitt, Patrick French exit : a tragedy of manners
F Edugyan Edugyan, Esi Washington Black
F Enger Enger, Leif Virgil Wander
F Feehan Bk. 32 [Dark] Feehan, Christine Dark sentinel
F Flynn Mills, Kyle Red war
F Gischle Gischler, Victor No good deed
F Gowar Gowar, Imogen Hermes The mermaid and Mrs. Hancock : a history in three volumes
F Graham Bk. 26 [Krewe] Graham, Heather Echoes of evil
F Gross Gross, Andrew Button Man a novel
F Hamdy Bk. 2 [Die John-Wallace] Hamdy, Adam Freefall
F Harris Harris, Robert J. The thirty-one kings : Richard Hannay returns
F Hayes- Hayes-McCoy, Felicity Summer at the Garden Café
F Hossein Hosseini, Khaled Sea prayer
F Kirkpat Kirkpatrick, Jane This road we traveled
F Koontz Bk. 4 [Jane Hawk] Koontz, Dean R. The forbidden door
F Kwan Kwan, Kevin Crazy rich Asians
F Macombe Macomber, Debbie Alaskan holiday
F Mallery Bk. 3 [Happily Inc] Mallery, Susan Why not tonight
F Mason Mason, Daniel The winter soldier
F Monroe Monroe, Mary Remembrance
F Morris Morris, Heather The tattooist of Auschwitz
F Parnell Parnell, Sean Man of war : an Eric Steele novel
F Peterso Bk. 3 [Golden Gate] Peterson, Tracie In times gone by
F Picoult Picoult, Jodi A spark of light
F Rossner Rossner, Rena The sisters of the winter wood
F Serle Serle, Rebecca The dinner list
F Smith Smith, Wilbur A. Courtney's war
F Turtled Turtledove, Harry Through darkest Europe
F William Williams, Beatriz The glass ocean
F Wingate c.2 Wingate, Lisa Before we were yours
F Wright Wright, Camron Steve Christmas by accident
Large Print
LP F Afshar Afshar, Tessa Thief of Corinth
LP F Eide Eide, Camille Like there's no tomorrow
LP F Fyffe Bk. 2 [Colorado] Fyffe, Caroline True heart's desire
LP F Gould Bk. 2 [Sisters] Gould, Leslie A simple singing
LP F Gray Bk. 5 [Amish] Gray, Shelley Shepard Her fear
LP F Harbiso Harbison, Elizabeth M. Every time you go away
LP F McClure McClure, Marcia Lynn The highwayman of Tanglewood
LP F McKinno McKinnon, Hannah Roberts Sailing lessons
LP F Willett Willett, Marcia Summer on the river
MYS Brook Bk. 2 [Haunted] Brook, Allison Read and gone
MYS Cleeves Bk. 8 [Shetland] Cleeves, Ann Wild fire
MYS Ellicot Bk. 2 [Beryl & Edwina] Ellicott, Jessica Murder flies the coop
MYS Fluke Fluke, Joanne Christmas cake murder
MYS Galbrai Bk. 4 [Cormoran] Galbraith, Robert Lethal white
MYS Huang Huang, Christopher A gentleman's murder
MYS Jance Jance, Judith A. Field of bones
MYS Levine Bk. 16 [Jaine Austin] Levine, Laura Death of a neighborhood Scrooge
MYS McKinla Bk. 9 [Library] McKinlay, Jenn Hitting the books
MYS Meier Bk. 25 [Lucy Stone] Meier, Leslie Silver anniversary murder
MYS Muller Muller, Marcia The breakers
MYS Patters Patterson, James Juror #3
MYS Perry Perry, Anne Dark tide rising
MYS Todd Bk. 10 [Bess] Todd, Charles A forgotten place
MYS Turton Turton, Stuart The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
LP MYS Ashley Bk. 2 [Below] Ashley, Jennifer Scandal above stairs
LP MYS Berenso Berenson, Laurien Ruff justice
LP MYS Castill Castillo, Linda A gathering of secrets
LP MYS Chapman Bk. 3 [Amish] Chapman, Vannetta Who the bishop knows
LP MYS Crawfor Crawford, Isis A catered costume party : [a mystery with recipes]
LP MYS Harris Harris, C. S. Why kill the innocent
LP MYS Kendig Bk. 3 [Tox] Kendig, Ronie Thirst of steel
WES LP Clay Clay, James Songbird of the west
WES LP Horton Horton, Robert J. Three trails to Triangle : a western story
Science Fiction
SF Hamilto Bk. 1 [Salvation] Hamilton, Peter F. Salvation
SF Salvato Salvatore, R. A. Timeless
Adult Graphic Novels
Graphic Morriso Morrison, Bill The Beatles yellow submarine
Young Adult
YA Brooks Brooks, Kevin Born scared
YA Hesse Hesse, Monica The war outside
YA Hopkins Hopkins, Ellen People kill people
YA Lu Bk. 2 [Warcross] Lu, Marie Wildcard
YA Manisca Bk. 3 [Stalking Jack] Maniscalco, Kerri Escaping from Houdini
YA Ness Ness, Patrick And the ocean was our sky
YA Peevyho Peevyhouse, Parker The echo room
YA Plum Bk. 1 [Dreamfall] Plum, Amy Dream fall
YA Plum Bk. 2 [Dreamfall] Plum, Amy Neverwake
YA Priest Priest, Cherie The agony house
YA Smith Smith, Clete Barrett Mr. 60%
YA Smith Smith, Tyler James Unstoppable Moses
YA Sones Sones, Sonya The opposite of innocent
YA Summers Summers, Courtney Sadie
YA Westerf Bk. 5 [Uglies] Westerfeld, Scott Impostors
YA White White, Kiersten The dark descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein
YA Zoboi Zoboi, Ibi Aanu Pride
248.4 Goff Goff, Bob Everybody always : becoming love in a world full of setbacks and difficult people
248.8 Leman Leman, Kevin When your kid is hurting : helping your child through the tough days
302.5 Agrawal Agrawal, Radha Belong : find your people, create community, & live a more connected life
303.4 Brooks Brooks, Mike Tech generation : raising balanced kids in a hyper-connected world
306.4 Mohr Mohr, Tim Burning down the Haus : punk rock, revolution, and the fall of the Berlin Wall
327.1273 Macinty Macintyre, Ben The spy and the traitor : the greatest espionage story of the Cold War
332.024 Bach Bach, David Smart women finish rich : 8 steps to achieving financial security and funding your dreams
332.024 Orman Orman, Suze Women & money
338.7 Knoedel Knoedelseder, William Fins : Harley Earl, the rise of General Motors, and the glory days of Detroit
LP 344.7302 Social Security 2018 Social Security handbook : overview of Social Security programs, 2018.
358 Tyson Tyson, Neil deGrasse Accessory to war : the unspoken alliance between astrophysics and the military
362.88 Weinman Weinman, Sarah The real Lolita : the kidnapping of Sally Horner and the novel that scandalized the world
363.34 Andrés Andrés, José We fed an island : the true story of rebuilding Puerto Rico, one meal at a time
364.1 Rand Rand, Robert Menendez murders : the shocking untold story of the Menendez family and the killings that stunned the nation
364.15 North North, Dick. The mad trapper of Rat River : a true story of Canada's biggest manhunt
371.4 Occupat 2018-2019 Occupational Outlook Handbook
394.26 Better 2018 celebrate the SEASON 2018
612.661 Kowal- Kowal-Connelly, Suanne Parenting through puberty : mood swings, acne, and growing pains
613.26 Gundry Gundry, Steven R. The plant paradox : the hidden dangers in "healthy" foods that cause disease and weight gain
635.8 Wurth Wurth, Magdalena How to grow mushrooms from scratch : a practical guide to cultivating portobellos, shiitakes, truffles, and other edible mushrooms
658.85 Serhant Serhant, Ryan Sell it like Serhant : how to sell more, earn more, and become the ultimate sales machine
745.1 Kovel 51st ed. 2019 Kovel, Terry H. Kovels' antiques & collectibles price guide 2019
746.432 Gaughan Gaughan, Norah, designer. Norah Gaughan : 40 timeless knits
746.46 FreeSpi FreeSpirit block party : 40 quilt blocks, 5 samplers, 20 modern designers
910.9 Murphy Murphy, Brian Adrift : a true story of tragedy in the icy Atlantic- and the one man who lived to tell about it
914.21 Fodor's 2018 Caird, Jo Fodor's 2018 London
917.3 Leach Leach, Nicky Texas
917.47 Lonely 2018 St. Louis, Regis New York City
917.5504 Moon 2017 Gaaserud, Michaela Virginia & Maryland : including Washington DC
917.91 Fodor's 2018 Bitler, Teresa Fodor's Arizona
921 Field Sally Field, Sally In pieces : a memoir
921 Highsmith Patricia Schenkar, Joan. The talented Miss Highsmith : the secret life and serious art of Patricia Highsmith
921 Reagan Ronald Spitz, Bob Reagan : an American journey
921 Schaffer Mollie Schaffer, Mollie Weinstein Mollie's war : the letters of a World War II WAC in Europe
940.42 Lengel Lengel, Edward G. Never in finer company : the men of the Great War's lost battalion
940.47 Bascomb Bascomb, Neal The escape artists : a band of daredevil pilots and the greatest prison break of the Great War
942.1 Skaife Skaife, Christopher The Ravenmaster : my life with the ravens at the Tower of London
973.2 Dolin Dolin, Eric Jay Black flags, blue waters : the epic history of America's most notorious pirates
973.92 Laskas Laskas, Jeanne Marie To Obama : with love, joy, anger, and hope
974.7 Schefte Schefter, Adam The man I never met : a memoir
Genealogy Local History
GEN 200 Wolf Wolf, Harry My life in stories
REF GEN 200 Wolf c. 2 Wolf, Harry My life in stories
REF GEN 500 Anuta Anuta, Michael J. Ships of our ancestors
Audio and Playaways
Playaway Brooks Brooks, Kevin Born scared
Playaway Deneen Deneen, Brendan The chrysalis
Playaway Gross Gross, Andrew Button man
Playaway Hurwitz Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew Orphan X
Playaway Morris Morris, Heather The tattooist of Auschwitz
Playaway Ondaatj Ondaatje, Michael Warlight
Playaway Serle Serle, Rebecca The dinner list
AUD CD J Stone 5_CDs Stone, Tamara Ireland Click'd
Blu-Rays, DVDs, Binge Boxes, and CDs
BLU/DVD Adrift 2_discs Adrift
BLU/DVD Bad 2_discs Bad moms
BLU/DVD Batman 2_discs Batman and Harley Quinn
BLU/DVD Baywatch 2_discs Baywatch
BLU/DVD Beguiled 2_discs The beguiled
BLU/DVD Birth 2_discs The birth of a nation
BLU/DVD Boy 2_discs The boy next door
BLU/DVD Bridget 2_discs Bridget Jones's baby
BLU/DVD Chef 2_discs Chef
BLU/DVD Choice 2_discs The choice
BLU/DVD Commuter 2_discs The commuter
BLU/DVD Criminal 2_discs Criminal
BLU/DVD Dark 2_discs Dark shadows
BLU/DVD Deepwater 2_discs Deepwater horizon
BLU/DVD Dirty 2_discs Dirty grandpa
BLU/DVD Divergent 2_discs Divergent
BLU/DVD Dog's 2_discs A dog's purpose
BLU/DVD Draft 2_discs The edge of seventeen
BLU/DVD Edge 2_discs The edge of seventeen
BLU/DVD Endless 2_discs Endless love
BLU/DVD Everest 2_discs Everest
BLU/DVD Everything 2_discs Everything, everything.
BLU/DVD Fifty 2_discs Fifty shades freed
BLU/DVD Fun 2_discs Fun mom dinner
BLU/DVD Gifted 2_discs Gifted
BLU/DVD Girl 2_discs The girl on the train
BLU/DVD Heat 2_discs The heat
BLU/DVD Heaven 2_discs Heaven is for real
BLU/DVD Hidden 2_discs Hidden figures
BLU/DVD Jurassic 2_discs Jurassic World
BLU/DVD Keeping 2_discs Keeping up with the Joneses
BLU/DVD Kevin 2_discs Kevin Hart : what now?
BLU/DVD La La Land 2_discs La La land
BLU/DVD Labor 2_discs Labor Day
BLU/DVD Legend 2_discs The legend of Tarzan
BLU/DVD Megan 2_discs Megan Leavey
BLU/DVD Mission Rogue 2_dicsc Mission: impossible. Rogue nation
BLU/DVD My 2_discs My big fat Greek wedding 2
BLU/DVD Nice 2_discs The nice guys
BLU/DVD Paper 2_discs Paper Towns
BLU/DVD Parkland 2_discs Parkland
BLU/DVD Pirates 2_discs Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead men tell no tales
BLU/DVD Pitch 2 2_discs Pitch perfect 2
BLU/DVD Popstar 2_discs Popstar : never stop never stopping
BLU/DVD Power 2_discs Power Rangers
BLU/DVD Red 2 2_discs Red 2
BLU/DVD Rogue 3_dicsc Rogue One
BLU/DVD Rules 2_discs Rules don't apply
BLU/DVD San Andreas 2_discs San Andreas
BLU/DVD Shack 2_discs The shack
BLU/DVD Sisters 2_discs Sisters
BLU/DVD Snatched 2_discs Snatched
BLU/DVD Star Wars Vii 3_discs Star Wars. Episode VII, The force awakens
BLU/DVD To Kill 2_discs To kill a mockingbird
BLU/DVD Unbroken 2_discs Unbroken
BLU/DVD Wonder 2_discs Wonder Woman
BLU/DVD 13 3_discs 13 hours : the secret soldiers of Benghazi
DVD Beach The beach house
DVD Big Season 11 2_DVDs The big bang theory. The complete eleventh season
DVD Book Book club
DVD Gidget 3_DVDs Gidget : the complete series
DVD Jurassic Jurassic World. Fallen kingdom
DVD Miracle The miracle season
DVD Ocean's 8 Ocean's 8
DVD Scorpion Season 4 6_DVDs Scorpion. The final season
DVD Young 2_DVDs Young Sheldon. The complete first season
Juvenile Fiction
JF Black Bk. 5 [Magisterium] Black, Holly The golden tower
JF Creech Creech, Sharon Saving Winslow
JF Easley Easley, Sean The Hotel Between
JF Hahn Hahn, Mary Downing The girl in the locked room : a ghost story
JF Kinney Bk. 9 [Diary] Kinney, Jeff The long haul
JF Martin Bk. 3 [Missy] Martin, Ann M. Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the sticky-fingers cure
JF McDonal Bk. 14 [Judy] McDonald, Megan Judy Moody and the right royal tea party
JF McKay McKay, Hilary Love to everyone
JF Warner #149 Warner, Gertrude Chandler The Day of the Dead mystery
Junvenile Graphic Novels
JF [GRN] Arnold Arnold, Tedd Noodleheads find something fishy
JF [GRN] Brown Bk. 3 [Lucy & Andy] Brown, Jeffrey Bad to the bones
JF [GRN] Kibuish Bk. 8 [Amulet] Kibuishi, Kazu Supernova
Juvenile Non-Fiction
J 005.13 Ziter Ziter, Rachel Coding in Scratch for beginners
J 158.1 Alexand Alexander, Kwame The playbook : 52 rules to aim, shoot, and score in this game called life
J 523.8 Kregeno Kregenow, Julia Twinkle twinkle little star I know exactly what you are
J 591.4 Arnosky Arnosky, Jim Look at me! : wild animal show-offs
J 595.78 Schuetz Schuetz, Kari Monarch butterfly migration
J 612.661 Claybou Claybourne, Anna Puberty and growing up
J 620.112 Garcia García C., Karina Karina Garcia's DIY slime
J 621.381 Enz Enz, Tammy Electronics projects for beginners
J 745.5 Enz Enz, Tammy Building projects for beginners
J 793 Siwa Siwa, JoJo JoJo's guide to making your own fun : #doityourself
J 796.323 Coy Coy, John Game changer : John Mclendon and the secret game
J 921 Acevedo Slyvia Acevedo, Sylvia Path to the stars : my journey from Girl Scout to rocket scientist
Easy Reading, Levels 1-3, and Boardbooks
E Adamson Adamson, Ged Douglas, you're a genius!
E Ashman Ashman, Linda William's winter nap
E Burning Burningham, John Mouse house
E Ecclesi Ecclesiastes : to everything there is a season
E Freed Freed, Arthur Singing in the rain
E Gehl Gehl, Laura Delivery bear
E Henkes Henkes, Kevin A parade of elephants
E John John, Jory Giraffe problems
E Kirk Kirk, Daniel A prayer for the animals
E Ludwig Ludwig, Trudy Quiet please, Owen McPhee!
E Polacco Polacco, Patricia Holes in the sky
E Rockwel Rockwell, Anne F. Hiking day
E Vernick Vernick, Audrey Take your octopus to school day
E Wade Wade, Stef A place for Pluto
Christmas E Sayres Sayres, Brianna Caplan Where do diggers celebrate Christmas?
RL 3 E Howe Howe, James Houndsley and Catina and Cousin Wagster
BoardBook E Lawrenc Lawrence, Carol Leaves
BoardBook E Lawrenc Lawrence, Carol Water
BoardBook E Yoon Yoon, Salina Where's Santa Boo?
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