New Materials September 2018
F Adler-O Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Washington decree
F Alexand Alexander, Sara Four hundred and forty steps to the sea
F Andrews Bk. 2 [House] Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.) Echoes in the walls
F Black Bk. 3 [Gardiner & Renner] Black, Lisa Perish
F Black Bk. 4 [Gardiner & Renner] Black, Lisa Suffer the children
F Butler Bk. 4 [Christopher] Butler, Robert Olen Paris in the dark
F Daily Bk. 5 [Tylers] Dailey, Janet Texas free
F Eason Bk. 1 [Blue] Eason, Lynette Oath of honor
F Eason Bk. 2 [Blue] Eason, Lynette Called to protect
F Ellison Ellison, J. T. Tear me apart
F Graham Bk. 2 [Poldark] Graham, Winston. Demelza of Cornwall, 1788-1790
F Graham Bk. 3 [Poldark] Graham, Winston Jeremy Poldark of Cornwall, 1790-1791
F Graham Bk. 4 [Poldark Graham, Winston Warleggan of Cornwall, 1792-1793
F Graham Bk. 5 [Poldark] Graham, Winston. The black moon of Cornwall, 1794-1795
F Graham Bk. 6 [Poldark] Graham, Winston. The four swans of Cornwall, 1795-1797
F Graham Bk. 8 [Poldark] Graham, Winston, 1909- The stranger from the sea of Cornwall 1810-1811
F Hamilto Hamilton, Laurell K. Serpentine
F Hilderb Hilderbrand, Elin. Barefoot
F Hua Hua, Vanessa A river of stars
F Jansson Jansson, Susanne The forbidden place
F Kushner Kushner, Rachel The Mars Room
F Lewis Lewis, Beverly The first love
F Markley Markley, Stephen Ohio
F McDanie McDaniel, Juliet Mr. & Mrs. American Pie
F Michael Michaels, Fern Safe and sound
F Neggers Bk. 9 [Sharpe] Neggers, Carla Impostor's lure
F Ondaatj Ondaatje, Michael Warlight
F Palka Palka, Kurt The hour of the fox
F Peebles Peebles, Frances de Pontes The air you breathe
F Politan Politano, Joanna Davidson A rumored fortune
F Rayner Rayner, Sarah. Getting even
F Ryan Ryan, Donal From a low and quiet sea
F Scottol Bk. 6 [Rosato] Scottoline, Lisa Feared
F Steel Steel, Danielle In his father's footsteps
F Steinha Steinhauer, Olen The middleman
F Tokarcz Tokarczuk, Olga Flights
F Tredget Tredget, Luke Kismet
F Woods Woods, Stuart The money shot
F Youngso Youngson, Anne Meet me at the museum
Large Print
LP F Bischof Bischof, Joanne Sons of Blackbird Mountain
LP F Bowen Bowen, Rhys The Tuscan child
LP F Fordham Fordham, Rachel The hope of Azure Springs
LP F Gabhart Gabhart, Ann H. River to redemption
LP F Greene Greene, Grace The memory of butterflies
LP F Noble Noble, Shelley Lighthouse beach
LP F Talley Talley, Liz Come home to me
LP F Vlugt Vlugt, Simone van der Midnight blue
LP F Walsh Walsh, Courtney Just let go
LP F Wedding A wedding on Bluebird Way
LP MYS Barritt Barritt, Christy Dubiosity
LP MYS Doiron Doiron, Paul Stay hidden
LP MYS Freeman Bk. 1 [Countess] Freeman, Dianne A lady's guide to etiquette and murder
LP MYS Haines Haines, Carolyn Charmed bones
LP MYS Penrose Penrose, Andrea Murder at half moon gate
LP MYS Pettrey Bk. 4 [Chesapeake] Pettrey, Dani Dead drift
WES LP Flynn Flynn, T. T. Hunted wolf : a western quartet
WES LP Johnsto Bk. 4 [Will Tanner] Johnstone, William W. Evil never sleeps
MYS Archer Archer, Jeffrey False impression
MYS Bannist Bk. 5 [Hazel Best] Bannister, Jo Kindred spirits
MYS Bauer Bauer, Belinda Snap
MYS Conroy Bk. 1 [Merri-weather] Conroy, Vivian The butterfly conspiracy
MYS Dornbus Dornbush, Jennifer The coroner
MYS Hill Bk. 1 [Hesteer] Hill, Edwin Little comfort
MYS Keller Bk. 7 [Bell] Keller, Julia Bone on bone
MYS Kellerm Kellerman, Faye Walking shadows
MYS Lapeña Lapeña, Shari An unwanted guest
MYS Patters Patterson, James Texas Ranger
MYS Robb Robb, J. D. Leverage in death
MYS Slaught Slaughter, Karin Pieces of her
LP MYS Barritt Barritt, Christy Dubiosity
LP MYS Doiron Doiron, Paul Stay hidden
LP MYS Freeman Bk. 1 [Countess] Freeman, Dianne A lady's guide to etiquette and murder
LP MYS Haines Haines, Carolyn Charmed bones
LP MYS Penrose Penrose, Andrea Murder at half moon gate
LP MYS Pettrey Bk. 4 [Chesapeake] Pettrey, Dani Dead drift
PB Macombe Macomber, Debbie Wanted : perfect partner
WES LP Flynn Flynn, T. T. Hunted wolf : a western quartet
WES LP Johnsto Bk. 4 [Will Tanner] Johnstone, William W. Evil never sleeps
Science Fiction
SF Lackey Bk. 5 [Secret World] Lackey, Mercedes Avalanche
Adult Graphic Novels
Graphic Transfo Visionaries Visaggio, Magdalene Transformers vs. Visionaries
Graphic 323.1 Lewis Bk. 1 c. 2 Lewis, John March. Book one
Young Adult
YA Daud Daud, Somaiya Mirage
YA Feinste Feinstein, John The prodigy
YA Gephart c. 2 Gephart, Donna Lily and Dunkin
YA Henning Henning, Sarah Sea witch
YA Kepling Keplinger, Kody That's not what happened
YA Parker Bk. 1 [Seafire] Parker, Natalie C. Seafire
YA Raasch Raasch, Sara These rebel waves
YA Safi Safi, Aminah Mae Not the girls you're looking for
155.67 Castel Castel, Alan D. Better with age : the psychology of successful aging
158.1 Braun Braun, Dave Oola, find balance in an unbalanced world : the 7 areas you need to balance and grow to live the life of your dreams
158.1 Braun Braun, Dave Oola for women : find balance in an unbalanced world : how to balance the 7 key areas of life to have less stress, more purpose, and reveal the greatness within you
306.874 Dell'Ant Dell'Antonia, K. J How to be a happier parent : raising a family, having a life, and loving (almost) every minute
332.632 Siberiu Siberius, Jeffery Rental property investing : maximize profit and minimize headache with your first rental properties
612.82 Lugaver Lugavere, Max Genius foods : become smarter, happier, and more productive while protecting your brain for life
629.13 O'Brien O'Brien, Keith Fly girls : how five daring women defied all odds and made aviation history
641.4 Thurow Thurow, Stephanie Weck small-batch preserving : year-round recipes for canning, fermenting, pickling, and more
641.5638 McGee McGee, Mary Easy Ketogenic vegetarian cookbook : top 50 healthy and delicious vegetarian recipes for ketogenic, paleo, and high-fat diets
641.5638 Parry Parry, Beran The Paleo Anti-ageing Ketogenic cookbook : free 3 week menu plan
641.587 King King, Tiffany Eat at home tonight : 101 simple busy-family recipes for your slow cooker, sheet pan, Instant Pot, and more
641.7 Mims Mims, Ben Air fry every day : 75 recipes to fry, roast, and bake using your air fryer
641.813 Foster Foster, Kelli C. Buddha bowls : 100 nourishing one-bowl meals
649.1 Geddes Geddes, Will Parent alert! : how to keep your kids safe online
720.47 Shrager Shrager, Lynda G. Age in place : a guide to modifying, organizing and decluttering mom and dad's home : keep them safe, keep you sane
921 Rogers Fred King, Maxwell The good neighbor : the life and work of Fred Rogers
940.53 Van Es Van Es, Bart The cut out girl : a story of war and family, lost and found
941.085 Brown Brown, Craig Ninety-nine glimpses of Princess Margaret
Genealogy Local History
GEN August 2018 Branching out from St. Clair County, Illinois.
GEN 929.1072 Adler Rothe, Astrid Our ancestors were German : emigration in the 19th century from Grand Duchy Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
Audio CDs and PlayAways
AUD CD Barclay 8_CDs Barclay, Linwood A noise downstairs
AUD CD Brown 11_CDs Brown, Sandra Tailspin
AUD CD Foster 9_CDs Foster, Lori Cooper's Charm
AUD CD Harbiso 7_CDs Harbison, Elizabeth M. Every time you go away
AUD CD Lapeña 7_CDs Lapeña, Shari An unwanted guest
AUD CD Muller 5_CDs Muller, Marcia The breakers
AUD CD O'Brien 10_CDs O'Brien, Keith Fly girls : how five daring women defied all odds and made aviation history
AUD CD Patters 6_CDs Patterson, James Texas Ranger
AUD CD Scottol 9_CDs Scottoline, Lisa Feared
Playaway Abbott Abbott, Megan E. Give me your hand
Playaway Ashley Bk. 2 [Below] Ashley, Jennifer Scandal above stairs
Playaway Bauer Bauer, Belinda Snap
Playaway Carlisl Bk. 12 [Bibliophile] Carlisle, Kate Buried in books
Playaway Koontz Koontz, Dean R. Icebound
Playaway J Reynold #2 [Track] Reynolds, Jason Patina
Playaway J Reynold #3 [Track] Reynolds, Jason Sunny
DVDs and Blu-Ray
DVD Affairs Affairs of state
DVD Handmaid's Season 1 3_DVDs The handmaid's tale. Season one
DVD Keeping The keeping hours
DVD Knightfall Season 1 2_DVDs Knightfall. Season one
DVD Life Life of the party
DVD On Chesil On Chesil Beach
DVD Pitch Pitch perfect
DVD Pitch 2 2_DVDs Pitch perfect : aca-amazing 2-movie collection.
DVD Ready Ready player one
DVD Riverdale Season 2 4_DVDs Riverdale. The complete second season
DVD Two Season 3 4_DVDs Two and a half men. The complete third season
DVD Vampire Season 7 5_DVDs The vampire diaries. The complete seventh season.
DVD Vampire Season 8 3_DVDs The vampire diaries. The eighth and final season.
DVD Yellow The yellow birds
Blu-Ray Life Life of the party
Blu-Ray Pitch 2 Pitch perfect 2
Blu-Ray Ready Ready player one
DVD J Amanda Amanda and the fox
DVD J Blaze Blaze and the monster machines. Heroes of Axle City
DVD J Elena Elena of Avalor. Realm of the Jaquins
DVD J Lego Lego DC Comics super heroes. Aquaman : rage of Atlantis
DVD J Paddington 2 Paddington. 2
Blu-Ray J Lego Lego DC Comics super heroes. Aquaman : rage of Atlantis
Juvenile Fiction
JF Alexand Alexander, Kwame Rebound
JF Alexand c. 2 Alexander, Kwame Booked
JF Anderso c. 3 Anderson, John David Ms. Bixby's last day
JF Black Bk. 1 [Magisterium] c. 2 Black, Holly The iron trial
JF Burg c. 2 Burg, Ann E. Unbound in verse
JF Creech c. 2 Creech, Sharon Moo
JF Cube Kid Bk. 1 [Diary] Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction) Diary of an 8-bit warrior
JF Dumas c. 2 Dumas, Firoozeh It ain't so awful, falafel
JF Elliott Bk. 9 [Owl Diaries] Elliott, Rebecca Eva's big sleepover
JF Federle Federle, Tim Better Nate than ever
JF Gidwitz c. 2 Gidwitz, Adam The inquisitor's tale, or, The three magical children and their holy dog
JF [GRN] Pilkey Bk. 5 [Dog Man] Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator. Lord of the fleas
JF Hashimi c. 2 Hashimi, Nadia One half from the east
JF Jacobso c. 2 Jacobson, Jennifer Paper things
JF Kelly` Bk. 3 [Ballpark] Kelly, David A. Subway Series surprise
JF King c. 2 King, A. S. (Amy Sarig) Me and Marvin Gardens
JF Lamana Lamana, Julie T. Upside down in the middle of nowhere
JF Osborne #30 Osborne, Mary Pope Hurricane heroes in Texas
JF Patters Patterson, James Unbelievably boring Bart
JF Reynold Bk. 1 [Track] c.3 Reynolds, Jason Ghost
JF Selfors Bk. 1 [Spirit] Selfors, Suzanne The adventure begins
JF Selfors Bk. 2 [Spirit] Selfors, Suzanne Lucky and the mustangs of Miradero
JF Sonnonb c. 2 Sonnenblick, Jordan Falling over sideways
JF Thompso c. 2 Thompson, Lisa (Lisa Anne) The goldfish boy
JF Warner #148 Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979 The legend of the howling werewolf
Juvenile Graphic Novels
J [GRN] Holm Bk. 2 [Babymouse] Holm, Jennifer L Miss communication
Juvenile Non-Fiction
J 306.76 Haack Haack, Daniel Prince & knight
J 306.76 Herthel Herthel, Jessica I am Jazz!
J 306.76 Richard Richardson, Justin, 1963- And Tango makes three
J 359.3 Freedma Freedman, Russell, 1929-2018 The sinking of the Vasa : a shipwreck of titanic proportions
J 388.42 Corey Corey, Shana The secret subway
J 428.2 Bunch A bunch of punctuation
J 590 Patters Patterson, Sue Cuddly critters for little geniuses
J 599.77 Gianfer Gianferrari, Maria Coyote moon
J 624 McCarth McCarthy, Cecilia Pinto Engineering the NYC Subway System
J 625.2 Bethea Bethea, Nikole Brooks. Trains
J 625.2 Leighto Leighton, Christina Freight trains
J 625.2 Leighto Leighton, Christina High-speed trains
J 625.2 Leighto Leighton, Christina Passenger trains
J 625.4 Leighto Leighton, Christina City trains
J 796.332 Sheinki c. 2 Sheinkin, Steve Undefeated : Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football team
J 811 Foglian Fogliano, Julie When green becomes tomatoes
J 940.54 Stelson c. 2 Stelson, Caren Barzelay Sachiko : a Nagasaki bomb survivor's story
J 943.086 Freedma c. 2 Freedman, Russell 1929-2018 We will not be silent : the White Rose student resistance movement that defied Adolf Hitler
J 976.4 Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope Texas : a nonfiction companion to Magic Tree House #30: Hurricane heroes in Texas
Easy Reading and Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, and Holiday
E Berenst Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005. The Berenstain Bears all year 'round
E Berenst Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005. The Berenstain Bears and the broken piggy bank
E Berenst Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005. The Berenstain Bears and the spooky shadows
E Berenst Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005. The Berenstain Bears get a checkup
E Byrne Byrne, Richard, 1963- author, illustrator. This book just ate my dog!
E Daywalt Daywalt, Drew The legend of rock paper scissors
E Hay Hay, Sam Star in the jar
E Isadora Isadora, Rachel My dog laughs
E Kimmel Kimmel, Eric A. Hank & Gertie : a pioneer Hansel and Gretel story
E Klise Klise, Kate Stay : a girl, a dog, a bucket list
E Little 1_CD Disney's the little mermaid : [storybook and cd].
E MacLach MacLachlan, Patricia Dog dreams
E Markle Markle, Sandra Hush up and hibernate!
E McMulla McMullan, Kate. I stink!
E Sendak Sendak, Maurice Where the wild things are
E Shannon Shannon, David. Grow up, David!
E Yolen Yolen, Jane Crow not crow
E Yolen Yolen, Jane Monster Academy
RL 1 E Carle Carle, Eric Can a cat do that?
RL 1 E Kann Kann, Victoria Pinkalicious at the fair
Halloween E Zolotow Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013 A tiger called Tomás
Thanksgiving E Hall Hall, Katy. Gobble, gobble, giggle : a book stuffed with Thanksgiving riddles
Thanksgiving E London London, Jonathan Duck and Hippo give thanks
BoardBook E Demares Demarest, Chris L. Train
BoardBook E Spiro Spiro, Ruth Baby loves coding!
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