How To Get A Library Card

MTL is supported through city taxes and all residents within the city limits are entitled to a borrower’s library card at no additional charge. A resident borrower’s card is valid for three years from the date issued and can be used at any library throughout the State of Illinois.

Two forms of identification are required when applying for your resident borrower’s library card; a photo ID and verification of residency. A current drivers license or State issued identification card are acceptable forms of a photo ID. Current tax bill for property within city limits, utility bill indicating address of property within city limits, rent receipt which includes address of property within city limits, or current voters’ registration card are acceptable verification’s of residency.

Non-residents (anyone living outside of the city limits of Waterloo) may purchase a borrower’s card. A non-resident card is valid for one year from the date issued and all family members at the same address may be issued borrower’s cards for no extra fee. A photo ID is required when applying for a non-resident card. For information on current costs contact the library at 939-6232 or at

A minor, ages 5 through 17 years old, who wishes to apply for a library card, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who shall present acceptable ID and proof of residency, and sign the minor’s application card agreeing to the rules and regulations of the Morrison-Talbott Library.

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